W. Soccer Gainst NCAA At-Large Berth

Talk about bad timing.

In 2000, the Harvard women's soccer team hit its lowest point at exactly the wrong point in the season. After falling 2-1 to last-place Columbia in overtime, the Crimson officially closed out the regular season with five straight losses. For a team that was depending on an at-large selection to the NCAA Tournament, this was not exactly the best impression to leave in the minds of the selection committee.

Still, Harvard women's soccer Coach Tim Wheaton gathered his team together the night after the Columbia loss to watch the tournament selection show live. Emotions were mixed as the program came on. To some, disappointment appeared imminent.

The final verdict on the Crimson's postseason fate came quickly enough, as the host of the selection show began announcing the seedings for the tournament one by one.

Notre Dame.


Miami of Ohio.

And then-out of nowhere-Harvard.

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