Mather Appoints Acting Senior Tutor

Returning Mather House residents will see a new face in the Allston Burr Senior Tutor’s office this semester. Kira Petersen, Mather’s resident government tutor, will act as the senior tutor during Rena Fonseca’s leave of absence this semester. A fifth-year graduate school student, Petersen was the non-resident government tutor two years ago and is also a concentration advisor in the government tutorial office.

“I’m a bit nervous, but so far it’s been a lot of fun,” said Petersen, who started Aug. 1. Petersen said she has spent most of her time learning the ropes and preparing for her first major duty as senior tutor—convincing the administrative board at today’s hearing to allow students to return to the College after taking time off.

A native of Hamburg, Germany, Petersen received her master’s degree in Kansas before coming to Cambridge to pursue a doctorate. She is specializing in international relations and said she ultimately hopes to teach and research.

Besides her administrative duties and her student work, Petersen is also a full-time mom. Her son, Julian, is eight months old. “If he did leave me time I’d paint or do pottery or work out,” she said with a laugh.

House Masters Sandra A. Naddaff ’75 and Leigh G. Hafrey ’73 appointed Petersen as acting senior tutor last spring after Fonseca’s announcement that she would be taking a semester off. Fonseca said last May that she would spend her sabbatical traveling and writing a book, as well as developing a new class she plans to teach this spring.

“[Petersen’s] had a lot of administrative experience in the House, which we felt would stand her in good stead,” Naddaff said. “She’s a highly responsible, intelligent woman whom we think very highly of.”

Naddaff noted in particular Petersen’s experience last year in organizing and adminstering the House’s advising system.

Several students said they are looking forward to working with Petersen in her new position.