The Editorial Board of The Harvard Crimson is Pleased To Announce its Cartoonists for the Spring Term


Garrett J. Grolemund ’03 is a psychology concentrator in Winthrop House. Every time he publishes a cartoon, Thomas Nast rolls over in his grave. Soon the resulting angular momentum will dislodge Earth from its orbit, making Boston as warm as Garrett’s home in sunny Florida. Garrett also enjoys hate mail and was saddened by how little of it he received during his debut semester with The Harvard Crimson.

Hannah S. Sarvasy ’03 is always eager to discuss the cartooning canon and to share favorite masterpieces of the genre. She is not above laughing to herself in public. Her painting “Weld Boathouse and the Charles” appears on the cover of this year’s student and first-year telephone directories.

Mikhaela B. Reid ’02 is a social anthropology concentrator in Mather House and the former design editor of Diversity & Distinction magazine. She loves: The Boondocks, Tom Tomorrow’s This Modern World, the Dead Kennedys, the Coup, Sherman Alexie, sewing magazines, peanut butter and trashy science fiction novels. She dislikes: Cathy (the comic strip), Barbie (the doll) and political cartoons about donkeys and elephants. She loathes with every fiber of her being: George W. Bush and his co-conspirators.


Collin W. Blackburn ’03 , an economics concentrator in Adams House, is a student who has never been able to pay attention in class. Rather than sleeping or talking to the girl behind him, Collin found it stimulating to draw in the margins of his classwork pictures of his English teacher, who looked like a duck. Since the production of these anthropomorphic caricatures, the fledgling artist has aspired to work as an editorial cartoonist, so as to focus his attention toward good use. While little of Collin’s work will depict the Faculty and staff as ducks or swans, it will focus on national, local and Harvard issues. Collin is from Tucson, Ariz.

Benjamin I. Rapoport ’03 amuses by cartooning drolly exceptional figures governmental, Harvardian, iconic, jazzy, kitchily lame. Measuredly nutty, often politically quirky, Rapoport’s style teases unceasingly, voicing waggish, xyzlacatotic*, yowling zanyisms.

* Definition of “Xyzlacatosis”: State of being struck by the nonexistence of English dictionary entries beginning with “xyz.”