BSA Protests Boston Blackface Show

“We had a lot of calls from student groups and other groups,” said Operations Manager of the Boston Machine Bob Pitko. “Shortly thereafter we started to rethink the whole show. We just felt there’s enough racism in Boston and we didn’t want to facilitate that kind of show.”

Knipp’s website is topped by a banner with a giant animated pair of lips and the words “How you durrin.” Images labelled as those of black or Pakistani men and woman have been modified to make noses, mouths, and breasts appear outlandishly large.

Pointedly ungrammatical text mocking various minorities’ accents or dialects and playing on various physical and cultural stereotypes runs alongside.

One horoscope tells black women, “it is not the other people who are possessed. It is you. For best results: bathe. If you would just bathe once every few days, you would discover people would stop making those terrible faces at you.”

A mock news item reads,“Curtis Jackson has won a “undisclosed amount” (so you KNOW that’s good!) from the Breathe-Right® nasal strips people. Curtis claim his civil rights was violated because the popular nose-tape did not come in a size large enough to encompass his cavernous nostrils.”


Other fictional vignettes on the website mock gay and lesbian people—usually minorities—and the poor.

The BSA plans to take part in the continuing effort to protest Shirley Q Liquor, and make sure the act is cancelled wherever possible.

“From here we’re essentially going to try to do the same thing in all the sites where he’ll be performing this year,” Moore said. “Our intention is to inform others so that they can decide what they want to do, form their own opinion and pursue their own actions.”