Shuttles Rerouted To Quincy, Broadway

Construction on Oxford Street has led to the rerouting of shuttles from the Quad to Harvard Yard, inconveniencing some shuttle-riders.

Part of the construction required to build the new Center for Government and International Studies (CGIS), the road renovation is expected to be finished by the end of the week.

It has temporarily eliminated the Memorial Drive shuttle stop—shuttles are instead stopping at Broadway and Quincy Streets.

“It’s a big upgrade to have the new surfacing,” said David E. Harris Jr. of Harvard Transportation Services. He added that the new roads should be much better for the shuttles.

Students were alerted about the rescheduling by an e-mail yesterday.

Quadlings said the change was, at most, a minor inconvenience.

While Pforzheimer House resident Jetta G. Martin ’05 called the rerouting “confusing,” Akin A. Demehin ’03, who lives in Currier House, said she hasn’t been affected.

“It hasn’t changed my life too much,” concurred Nick H. Horbaczewski ’03.

He also said he was not bothered by the new route. A Currier House resident, he rides his bicycle to class each day because “shuttle people are wussy.”

Some students were even pleased by the elimination of the Memorial Drive stop.

Melissa M. Borja ’04 said she felt unsafe waiting in that area.

“I feel vulnerable as a four-foot-nine female standing in the middle of nowhere,” said Borja. “It’s terrifying that a bad guy could jump out of the bushes.”

Along with the Oxford Street construction, the completion of the CGIS project—which has been a hot-button issue with the neighborhood for five years—will require at least four more years of work.