KSG Student Likely To Be Extradited to Hong Kong

A Kennedy School of Government (KSG) student arrested two weeks ago on charges of allegedly embezzling $3.35 million from a Hong Kong company will likely be extradited to Hong Kong, according to the U.S. Attorney’s Office in Boston.

The extradition hearing for 34-year-old Kenneth Kin-Yuen Fung—who is also known as Kenneth Chi-Keung Fung and Edward Fong, the name he used to register at the KSG—is scheduled for Tuesday at 10 a.m., said Samantha Martin, a spokesperson for the U.S. Attorney’s Office.

Fung will remain in federal custody until the hearing.

The South China Morning Post reported last week that Fung has agreed to be extradited to Hong Kong, where he faces up to 10 years in jail for each of the 12 charges against him for theft and false accounting records.

Fung’s lawyer could not be reached for comment.

Martin said the extradition hearing was initially scheduled for 60 days after Fung’s March 15 arrest, but that his probable agreement to be extradited has expedited the process.