Dean Warns First-Years About Theft

In the wake of recent thefts in Greenough Hall, first-years received earlier this week an e-mail warning about thefts in the Yard from Assistant Dean of Freshman Philip A. Bean.

Five incidents of theft have occurred in Greenough Hall in the past two months, according to the Harvard University Police Department (HUPD). In March and April, said HUPD spokesperson Steven G. Catalano, residents reported missing four palm pilots, a wallet, a laptop computer and a calculator.

“The Yard team is aware of the situation and the crimes are being investigated by detectives,” Catalano said. “We’re maintaining a more visible presence in the Yard.”

In addition to the Greenough incidents, Bean cited thefts in Matthews Hall, which Catalano said involved two incidents in late January—a laptop stolen from one individual and a credit card and money stolen from another.

Catalano also said the University has “seen an increase in computer thefts” throughout the past four months.

“There’s no one particular area being hit. It’s spread through residences, classrooms, and offices,” he said.

Catalano said the “object of choice” is laptops, although an increasing number of palm pilots have been reported stolen.

With the recent thefts, Catalano said students should lock up their property.

“As the weather improves, and people leave their doors and windows open, they have to be vigilant about protecting their property,” he said.“Register your laptops and lock your doors.”

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