Republicans Send Summers Support Letter

Club approves president’s stance in handling dispute with West

The HRC statement comes after the initial heat of controversy, but members said they felt it was important to express their message.

“During pre-frosh weekend, the pre-frosh were talking about it, so the issue isn’t going away,” Grech said.

President of the Black Students Association (BSA) Brandon A. Gayle ’03 said that the issue was not political and that the BSA was now focused on the movement to diversify the University.

“This isn’t a partisan issue, there’s no ill will,” Gayle said. “We want to support President Summers in his effort to diversify the faculty and student body.”

President of the Harvard College Democrats Sonia H. Kastner ’03 said she did not understand why the HRC made a statement on the issue.


“Their letter is not about politics, and I don’t see how it’s relevant to the organization,” Kastner said. “If [members of the HRC] have opinions as students they should express it as students; the signature of the Republican Club does not give the letter any more weight.”

The College Democrats have not taken an official stand on the issue other than signing the petition that asked West to stay, Kastner said.

Harvard spokesperson Joe Wrinn said he had no response to the letter.