Timeline 2001-2002

Dec. 19

HCECP releases a report recommending substantial pay hikes for Harvard employees, specifically suggested the University boost wages for the school’s 1,000 lowest-paid service employees to at least $10.83 to $11.30 per hour. These figures exceed the $10.25 rallying cry of last spring’s Progressive Student Labor Movement sit-in and the then-$10.68 living wage established by the city of Cambridge.


Dec. 20

Five weeks after he vanished, police find Professor Wiley’s body floating in the Mississippi River, 320 miles downstream from the Memphis bridge on which his abandoned car was found.

Jan. 3

Summers meets with Fletcher University Professor Cornel R. West ’74 in an effort to mend a rift that threatens to send the prominent member of the Afro-American studies department to Princeton. West’s allegation that Summers questioned his scholarship at an October meeting makes national news.