Barrios' Achievements Dwarf Gallucio's Claims

To the editors:

In response to your recent editorial, (“Galluccio for State Senate,” Sept. 16) Rep. Jarrett T. Barrios ’90-’91 is the only candidate in the race for state senate with legislative experience in the State House. He was the lead sponsor of the Affordable Housing Trust Fund, the state’s first significant new commitment since 1985 to funding housing; he won a major increase of in the state’s spending on child care; and he wrote the law guaranteeing emergency room patients access to an interpreter. The mayor of Cambridge, on the other hand, plays a primarily ceremonial role, with real executive power residing in the city manager and the superintendent of schools. Credit for Cambridge’s AAA bond rating goes to City Manager Robert W. Healy, who has been in office since Galluccio was in high school. On education, Galluccio cannot claim sole credit for restructuring Cambridge Rindge & Latin School, which was approved before he became mayor, or for changing the assignment plan to elementary schools, which the school committee approved unanimously. Barrios, an affordable-housing lawyer by profession, understands that solving Boston’s housing crisis requires a smart mix of demand- and supply-side answers, and carefully targeted spending that will benefit low- and middle-income families. In contrast, Galluccio waited more than six months before calling a meeting of the Cambridge City Council’s Housing Committee, which he chairs, and voted against an ordinance to offer protections to tenants being displaced by condominium conversion. More than any other candidate, Barrios has united a district that stretches from Allston to Saugus. The Boston Globe, the Sierra Club, more than 30 union locals, and both Democratic ward committees that represent Harvard, have all backed Barrios. He will be a splendid state senator.

Daniel A. Schlozman ’03

Cambridge, Mass.

Sept. 16, 2002


The writer is the Chair of the Cambridge Ward Eight Democratic Committee.


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