Pick of the Square

1. Burt’s Beeswax lip balm is minty fresh in scent and refreshing on the lips. Don’t be fooled by the

1. Burt’s Beeswax lip balm is minty fresh in scent and refreshing on the lips. Don’t be fooled by the cute, yellow containers—this stuff is heavy duty enough to keep Burt and his motorcycle gang’s lips from chapping. $2.98 for a .15 oz. stick. Harvard Coop.

2. With the “Favorite Karaoke Songs Of All Time” shower curtain’s list of 100 hits, including “Livin’ La Vida Loca,” “Funky Town” and “Eye of the Tiger,” you’ll never run out of songs to sing in the shower. All shower curtains originally $26-$36, take $5 off. Urban Outfitters.

3. III Parcel’s CD Unit holds up to 18 discs (or double if necessary). Hang it from a hook or fold it in a square. Just like magic. Light blue or navy blue. $12. Urban Outfitters.

4. Bathing is fun with Bathology bar soaps! Each time you wash your hands you get a tiny bit closer to a toy, such as a golf ball, Gumbi or actual nail polish. Some soaps even stand with projecting arms and legs. $4.95-$9.95. Hidden Sweets.

5. Triple Five Soul’s Messenger Bag has a slash pocket at the bag bottom, a laptop case inside, a water bottle and a reflective strap. Makes dorks look hip-hop cool. Black or orange checkered. $48. Urban Outfitters.

6. “Hi. I’m Mat.” This Mat will sit outside your door all year long, waiting to be stepped on. No, it’s not some weird freshman named Mat, but Door-mat. Tan mat with black text and outline. $16. Black Ink.

7. Good things come in small packages...like mini-kits. Favorites include “The Spa Kit,” “The Fondue Kit,” “Party In A Box!” and the very necessary “Fashion Emergency Kit” (which includes a sewing kit, a compact lint brush, double-sided tape, a black marker and a 32-page tip book). $5.95. Hidden Sweets.

8. The EMS Divergence Fleece Jacket combines form and function–while the spandex at the sides gives it an athletic fit, the fleece is for warmth and comfort. Analgous to the North Face Denali ($165), but less expensive. Blue and black. Women’s XS-XL, men’s S-XXL. $99. EMS.

9. SmartWool socks are “guaranteed not to itch or shrink and to outperform all other socks or your money back.” They’re so intense that they come in different levels, ranging from casual to mountaineer. For the feet of over-achieving Harvard students. Gray and black. S, M, L. $12.95-$19.95. EMS.

10. Brookfield Correspondence stationary will make you think twice about using looseleaf in your monthly letter to grandma. Patterns in blue, red, green and grey. Eight folder cards, eight envelopes, printed letterpress. $11.95. Bob Slate Stationary.

11. It’s “the legendary notebook of Van Gogh and Matisse, Hemingway and Chatwin. Its history lies in its inside pockets.” Record your own history in Moleskin’s petite, black leather bound personal notebook. Maybe you can be legendary, too. $10.95. Bob Slate Stationary.

12. Cut to the chase with Mead’s Upper Class 2003-2004 spiral planner, which features a weekly/monthly format, a class schedule and telephone and address pages. Cheesy quotes not included. It gets the job done so you can get the job done. Black, blue, blue/green. $6.95. Harvard Coop.

13. Wake up anywhere with the Executive Travel Alarm Clock. It’s square, steel gray body encases a clear clock face and comes with its own padded, leather travel case. It’s both small and striking, modern and minimalist. $9.99. Radio Shack.

14. This photograph holder only looks like an alien. The silver, steel ball projects five photo-clip arms, which can extend and/or rotate to different lengths and angles. $10. Urban Outfitters.

15. Been tossing your trash in CVS bags? The cyclindrical Umbra grand and mini dispensers are guaranteed to make your garbage look good. Coastal blue, platinum, black (grand only) and white (mini only). $14.99 (grand), $4.99 (mini). Dickson Brothers.