Police Log

Oct. 19:

9:05:04 a.m.—Harvard University Police Department (HUPD) officers assisted Facilities Maintenance Operations (FMO) with the removal of two bikes locked to a fire hydrant near Lowell House.

5:22:44 p.m.—Officers assisted the Cambridge Police Department (CPD) on a report of gas odor on 50 Cowperthwaite St. Officers checked the area and determined everything was in order.

Oct. 21:

1:12:45 a.m.—Officers assisted FMO with securing broken glass at the Leverett House Towers.

12:45:43 p.m.—Officers were dispatched to the John F. Kennedy School of Government on a report of a party carrying a rifle with a scope attached to it. After reviewing the surveillance tapes, officers determined the party was actually carrying a camera tripod.

1:42:47 p.m.—An HUPD officer was sent to the Pound Building to ensure that property was not taken after an employee said an unknown person used the phone in their office. The officer spoke with the employee who reported that nothing was found missing.

Oct. 22:

9:09:37 a.m.—Officers assisted CPD with a reported assault in Eliot House.

Oct. 23:

2:07:04 a.m.—An officer assisted CPD with a report of a party who committed fare evasion on John F. Kennedy Street.

12:28:42 p.m.—An HUPD officer took a report that an identification card and money had been stolen at William James Hall.

Oct. 24:

2:15:46 a.m.—Officers were dispatched to Widener Library on a report of a fight at Widener Library. They sent the parties on their way.

8:37:12 p.m.—Officers were sent to the Laboratory for Human Reproduction and Reproductive Biology Building to investigate a report of people drawing chalk lines in an alley. Officers spoke with the parties, who were doing an art project.

Oct. 25:

3:53:10 p.m.—An officer was dispatched to the Business School Lot on Western Avenue to take a report of four vehicles with the air let out of their tires.

3:18:53 p.m.—An HUPD officer was sent to 10 DeWolfe St. to investigate a report that graffiti had been discovered on the door of the building. The responding officer reported that the graffiti had been drawn in ketchup and could thus be wiped off without permanent damage.

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