Renovated HBS Library Will Be 'Intellectual Hub'

Letter to the Editors

To the editors:

The Crimson’s Oct. 1 article “Renovation Planned for HBS Library” gives the mistaken impression that the renovation and reconstruction of Baker Library will result mainly in what amounts to a student center. In fact, Harvard Business School’s Spangler Center, which opened in 2001, already meets that need admirably. What will make the new Baker Library/Academic Center so special as an intellectual hub will be a combination of features—from the latest technological and multimedia capabilities to new offices and conference areas to the restoration of great historical spaces such as the Reading Room—that will preserve and strengthen this important building’s world-class collections and superb library and research services. When the facility is ready for occupancy in late 2005, it will fulfill the goal of fostering collaboration, interaction, and integration among faculty, staff, students, alumni and outside scholars.

Frank Hayes

Oct. 2, 2003

The writer is chief of operations for Harvard Business School.