Deconstructing FM

1 Irin’s official press pass from the 2003 Miss America Pageant. 2 Autographed poster of Louie from the Mather
By FM Staff

2 Autographed poster of Louie from the Mather Lather ad campaign

3 Fantastic. Unopened.

4 Irin contemplates making a run for it

5 ATM used to financheFM’s lavish lifestyle and expensive coke habit

6 Debris from FM comp soiree

7 Mollie attempts to look deeply engaged. Really, she’s thinking about what she’s going to wear tomorrow.

8 “Super high-tech Mac”
Working programs: AIM, Internet, InCopy
Not working : Excel, Word, Photoshop

9 Liz outlines her plot for world domination

10 Boggle!

11 Suzanne Pomey’s rival’s high school yearbook

12 It’s a Bad Trend Alert: Amelia’s 4-inch heels are treacherous in the snow

13 Refrigerator contents: Case of diet coke, One-third handle of rum, Six-pack Newcastle Ale, Half-eaten block of cheddar cheese, Liz’s leftover pad thai

14 Billy the singing bass

15 Assorted CDs: Billy Joel, Juanes, Outkast, Jay-Z, “Kenyon’s Mix”

16 White board. Important notes from Rachel:
1. Clean office
2. Drink more.

17 Dan thinks, “Wow. I haven’t seen that one since Lauren Muscovitz’s bat mitzvah.

18 “In the future, everyone will be famous for 15 minutes”

19 Don’t touch this notebook. Rachel writes everything in here—story ideas, recipes and the odd haiku

20“What, you guys never learned this dance?” Pete demonstrates the White Boy Shimmy.

21 T-shirts courtesy of Vapir Vaporizer company. Size XXL and XXXL

22 Past FM covers, though in color, can’t compare to uber-designer Hayley M. Barna’s creations. Did you see that Harvard-Yale cover?

23 Formerly white walls. Haven’t been repainted since before JFK was a Crimed

24 Couch, circa 1971

25 As the editor’s complain about bad story ideas, Andrew is just counting the minutes until OC.

26Corona Extra (it helps him focus)

27 Linens N’ Things organizing cubes. As yet, unused.

28 FM archives. Very complicated system of organization. Dewey Decimal’s got nothing on Liz

29 Photograph of Liz’s pet dog, Lucas dressed as a devil for Halloween 2002

30 Microwave and fridge from the Paley family’s storage facility, Frontier Development

Editors from left to right.

Elizabeth F. Maher ’04, Chair

Despite averaging two hours of sleep a day, Liz always has energy for FM. She alone knows the secrets of how the pages get from the computers to the printing presses. Beyond her dedication, Liz also brings her no-bullshit attitude and fiery Irish spirit to the otherwise drab Crimson building. Her 9 a.m. class, on the other hand, hasn’t seen her since September.

Amelia E. Lester ’05, Associate Editor

Compers don’t really flock to the magazine for the chance to write about beer brewing competitions. It’s co-comp director Amelia’s sexy vivacity that lures them in. (They can tell just from the emails.) When she’s famous, we’ll be saying we knew her in the days of Starbucks addiction and incontinent rabbits at Australian Vogue.

Irin Carmon ’05, Associate Editor

Whether she’s living it up at the Miss America pageant, hobnobbing with media moguls, or picking up makeup tips from drag queens at the Brattle, Irin works her It factor on all who cross her path—even in the dark depths of 14 Plympton St. Her editing marathons are legendary, and not just for the soundtrack of Mideast dance pop.

Daniel K. Rosenheck ’04, Associate Editor

Gentle breezes brought Dan into FM’s life, and things have never been the same since. Even though late-night junk food has failed to fill out his figure and he keeps ranting about something called an “angle,” FM has still brought Dan into Elisa and Larry’s love life and introduced to him the joys of entering proofs at 4 a.m.

Mollie H. Chen ’05, Associate Editor

In the wee hours of the night, Mollie is still perky and apt to brandish a tray of home-made cookies at any moment. In between endless editing sessions, Mollie lives a secret existence as a high-powered political intern, fashion retail maven and fitness guru with nary a complaint.

Rachel E. Dry ’04, Chair

If Rachel had a nickel for everytime someone had referred to her wit as “dry,” well, she’d be damn rich. As it stands, Rachel’s the one FM editors run to with their bland headlines and painful puns. Equally adept at counseling overwrought writers and overwritten prose, Rachel is master of every FM domain and her sparkling leadership will be sorely missed next year.

Peter L. Hopkins ’04, Associate Editor

Pete writes the sections of the magazine people actually read. The brains behind the brawn-fest that was the famed Chickwich Challenge, and the tortured protagonist of Say Hi To Pete, someday his Gossip Guy will contain juicy rumors that do not actually relate to his roommates or Crimson President Amit R. Paley ’04.