FM photographers Andrew M. Brunner and Paul M. Soper
FM photographers Andrew M. Brunner and Paul M. Soper

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Mollie H. Chen Chair It came as no surprise when, in the pre-dawn hours of a Wednesday morning last spring,
By FM Staff


It came as no surprise when, in the pre-dawn hours of a Wednesday morning last spring, Mollie revealed that she had won a design award for her work on her high school newspaper. As she deftly and efficiently created a page where there was none just hours before press time, it was clear that Moll could have comped design as easily as she did FM. But the magazine struck gold in finding Mollie, who, luckily for this rag, has always been content-focused, though her keen aesthetic sense and inimitable style may lead some to assume otherwise. As Moll grabs hold of the reins of FM—an often unwieldy beast, even for someone as stubborn as Mollie, who insists on wearing patent leather Marc Jacobs pumps in a Nor’easter—she will take the magazine into a more modern age complete with full color covers and a professional redesign of every page.

Sarah M. Seltzer


Whenever you read an FM story next year that uncovers an exciting scoop, brings it to life with snappy anecdotes, and helps you understand why the subject is important—about 10 times an issue, most likely—the smart money is that Sarah was working behind the scenes. A tireless reporter, smooth writer, uncompromising editor and natural leader, Sarah will sail back next spring from her semester sipping Guinness in Galway, Ireland, to keep FM’s content kicking ass.

Elizabeth W. Green

Associate Editor

If FM’s style, sass and savvy could be encapsulated in one person, that person would be the ever-ebullient Elizabeth. This hard-hitting dynamo reporter was first to sign up for a story her freshman year and has continued her trend-setting ways ever since. Churning out cover stories like she was born to it, Elizabeth has investigated everything from Harvard’s stingy financial aid policy to controversial campus religious groups. Her unrelenting quest for truth combined with a plain and simple knack to tell a good story means the magazine’s meatier elements are in good hands.

Veronique E. Hyland

Associate Editor

Veronique exudes an effortless cool. Maybe it’s those artfully disarranged op-shop meets designer ensembles, but more likely, it’s her trademark glance of intrigue that seems to suggest she’s always one step ahead of your conversation. It quickly became apparent to FM that Veronique does indeed think on a more cerebral level: her first story, where she chowed down on Jell-O in a Magic of Numbers section, was possibly the most brilliantly executed first-person narrative piece in recent magazine memory. Plenty of insightful profiles and compelling cover stories have joined the Hyland ouevre since then, but a couple of things about Veronique will thankfully always remain the same.

Kristi L. Jobson

Associate Editor

We knew Kristi was a keeper from the minute she bounded into her first FM writer’s meeting, all blond hair and flashing pearly whites. The true love moment, however, was when Kristi volunteered to write a last-minute article about the 2003 Dance Marathon. After convincing Marathon host and former “The Grind” dancer Eric Nies to do the Creep with her, Kristi returned to the Crimson at 3 a.m. and pounded out 500 words of pure FM goodness. This former Maryland Junior Miss has continued to amaze us with her endless supply of energy and enthusiasm. Not to mention she does a mean Running Man.

Jason D. Park

Associate Editor

If you read Jason’s profile of “party czar” Steve Frumin a few weeks back (and who didn’t?), you know that no one has more fun writing for FM. Jason’s natural amiability and charm ensures he will always be full of hot story tips. His enthusiasm for the magazine, along with his perseverance and curiosity as a reporter, will keep FM fresh and edgy and be invaluable as he trains the next year’s best and brightest as comp director.

Jannie S. Tsuei

Associate Editor

Mention Jannie to any FMer and they’ll instantly think of her smile. In a building where effervescence is sometimes in short supply, Jannie’s ready grin lights up the newsroom. Her never-ending energy will serve the new guard well in the long nights that lie ahead, and her dynamic diligence will ensure every page sparkles with polished perfection. Jannie recently wrote a cover story on the rise of meditation at Harvard, and it’s clear that she shares some of its practitioners’ tranquility and togetherness.

Andrew M. Brunner and Paul M. Soper

FM Photographers

When these two swagger into the Crimson, the female FM compers swoon. These roommates are bona fide partners-in-crime, snapping impeccable photographs one minute and hatching hare-brained schemes the next. Their latest idea involves a photo studio and many, many Viking hats. It’s this kind of enthusiasm and creativity—however misplaced—that makes FM what it is. The magazine is happy that Andy and Paul have got our (photographic) back.