In accordance with the policy of assisting its graduates in securing positions after they have received their degrees, the Business School through the Business School Appointment Bureau has secured positions for over 200 graduates of last June, it was announced last night in a report to the CRIMSON. Some of the men returned to positions that they held before attending school, and others secured their own jobs.

Commercial and investment banking attracted the largest number of students, drawing 61 men from the finishing class. Manufacturing came next, 26 graduates having chosen this field of industry in which to work. Chain and department stores were third in the list, with a total of 19 men selecting this form of occupation as their work. Teaching as a profession was fourth in popularity among the graduates, 12 men having accepted positions as instructors in the various Business Schools throughout the country. Ten students elected to enter some branch of the army and navy, nine have not been heard from since leaving last June.

Every year the Business School retains some of the graduates as teachers and as research assistants, and from last years class five were appointed to var- ious positions in these departments.

Contained in the following list are the names of the various concerns with which connections were made for the men, and the number that entered the respective fields: accounting five, advertising four, banking 61, bond, mortgage, and loan two, business manufacturing educational institution one, Business School five, engineering one, executive assistant one, film company three, foreign trade three, grocery company one, hotel management one, insurance five, manufacturing 26, office management two, public utilities 15, real estate two, retail department store 19, sales 11, statistical six, teaching 12, textiles three, transportation three, bank examiner one, investment council three, government two, law one, publishing one, army and navy ten, foreign five, Canadian one, travel or study four. Nine men have not been heard from