Marglin Is Biased, Too

Letter to the Editors

To the editors:

Barker Professor of Economics Stephen A. Marglin ’59, a Marxist, laughably promises to “provide a more balanced approach” to Ec 10 than the conservative Keynesian (or moderate Republican) Baker Professor of Economics Martin S. Feldstein ’61 (News, “Petition Argues For Alternative to Ec 10 Course”, March 3). And yet the Crimson reports this completely uncritically, never raising the question (except obliquely via a quote from University President Lawrence H. Summers) Marglin’s own potential bias. I would have thought that Marglin’s Marxist credentials merit a mention in this context. I also note that your reporter sadly failed to find even one Ec 10 student for comment who is not a Students for a Humane And Responsible Economics activist and petitioner on behalf of Marglin’s alternative.

Lawrence H. White ’77

St. Louis, Mo.

March 3, 2003


The writer is F. A. Hayek Professor of Economic History at the University of Missouri, St. Louis.