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By Stephen W. Stromberg

Last weekend prefrosh came and went, and undoubtedly a vast majority sent their affirmative reply cards to Byerly Hall a few days later. But judging by the depressing state of the campus over the weekend, the University should feel lucky so many decided to matriculate. Harvard may have the second largest library in the United States and a collection of some of the greatest minds ever, but it just doesn’t take care of its campus the way it should.

First off, the fields of now neon green mud that are supposed to be grass have got to go. In the dead of winter we shouldn’t expect much green on the Yard, but when the temperature rises above 50 degrees, the University shouldn’t bother spraying that unsightly, disgusting mix all over the place. Put down some sod and get it over with.

Secondly, the crumbling asphalt walks all over the Yard are awful. Dartboard’s own poor Los Angeles inner-city public high school did a better job of filling potholes. This is especially bad because in this case, Yale shows us up so thoroughly. Their Old Campus is criss-crossed by slate walks. True, cars often need access to the Yard, and slate driveways may not be able to handle all that weight. But cars don’t have to drive all over the Yard; there are plenty of ugly asphalt paths that could simply be torn out.

Harvard Yard boasts dozens of charming brick buildings. It has the potential to be truly beautiful. It’s too bad the Yard is disfigured by neon green mud and dilapidated asphalt paths.


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