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By The CRIMSON Staff

July 10:

2:17 p.m.—A Cambridge resident reported that someone unknown painted extensive graffiti on the wall of the building he owns on Richdale St.

2:40 p.m.—An employee of a Mass. Ave. retail shop reported that a black male attempted to steal five pairs of pants from the store. The reporting party allegedly scared the accused, who managed to flee with three of the original five pairs of pants.

July 11:

7:25 p.m.—An unidentified person claiming to be a hotel guest at the Royal Sonesta at 5 Cambridge Parkway allegedly purchased several items in the hotel gift shop, requesting that they be billed to his room. This person was not a guest at the hotel.

(no time given)—A resident of Cambridge reported that an unknown party placed a condom over the exhaust pipe of her motor vehicle while it was parked at 86 Williams Street. The automobile did not function properly until the condom was removed.

July 12:

11:58 a.m.—The manager of a Mass. Ave. bank reported that a white female approached a teller and passed a note demanding money without dye packets, “or there would be trouble.” The suspect left with an undetermined amount of money.

2:07 p.m.—A Somerville resident reported that he pulled into a parking space on White Street and subsequently had a dispute with someone over the space. When he returned to his car, he reported finding a long scratch on the front fender. He said the individual he had argued with was still in the vicinity and stated, “Look what I’ve done to your car.”

July 13:

12:15 p.m.—A Medford resident reported that while refereeing a soccer game at Danehy Park, he was hit in the back of the head by another Medford resident. The event was witnessed by another referee and videotaped by a bystander. The suspect also threatened the victim’s family.

(no time given)—A Cambridge resident reported that between February and July, her roommate had been stealing her meat. The accumulated value of this meat was estimated at $200. Last week, the roommate allegedly stole the reporting party’s ring and used all the minutes on her telephone calling card.

July 14:

1:10 p.m.—A Boston resident reported that on July 7, an unknown individual or group entered an employees-only bathroom on the fifteenth floor of his building and tore eight ties.

6:25 p.m.—A Kelly Road resident reported that her daughter, upon arriving home, was involved in a verbal argument with her aunt and her grandmother.

9:10 p.m.—A Harvard Street resident reported that her ex-boyfriend threatened to hit her during an argument in her apartment. The ex-boyfriend allegedly left and, upon returning, kicked the front door, causing major damage. The ex-boyfriend then allegedly left again and called the reporting party from a phone at 1 Central Square. A restraining order was requested and refused. There were no signs of physical assault.

July 15:

9:20 p.m.—A Cambridge resident who works at Briston Arms was playing with his son in the complex lot when a fellow worker told the boy to go home.

(no time given)—A Boston resident reported that an unknown white male cut him off on Mass. Ave. After the two men gave one another the finger, the unknown male allegedly exited his motor vehicle, punched the reporting party in the head, and left the scene.

July 16:

3:05 p.m.—A Cambridge resident reported that she tripped on uneven bricks at the sidewalk of Mass. Ave. and Prospect Street. Cambridge Fire and Rescue transported her to Cambridge City Hospital with complaints of pain in her left leg from the lower hip down.

3:30 p.m.—A Cambridge resident reported that she attempted to purchase a computer through eBay. She said she sent a check that was cashed, but she never received the computer.

5:30 p.m—CPD officers were dispatched to Dana Street in response to an altercation between two kitchen workers. The employees argued, and each claimed that the other spat in his face.

—Mallory Hellman contributed to the reporting of this story.

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