Canaday Residents Fight, Break Window

An incident between Canaday roommates left two summer school students recovering from glass cuts Wednesday in University Health Services.

Zachariah Germaniuk and Justin Feldman got into a scuffle in a Canaday A hallway—and soon the two had broken and fallen through a large first-floor window, still tangled arm and leg with each other.

Germaniuk said he was talking to his friends in the hall when Feldman walked up to a girl who was drinking from a water fountain and “pinched her buttocks.”

“Basically slapped her ass, pretty much,” he said, “and began touching her hair.”

He said it was not the first time Feldman had acted in this manner.

“[She] was very visibly upset, told him to stop; I did the same thing, as did my friend Marshall,” he said, referring to fellow Summer School student Marshall Roch.

Subsequently, Germaniuk said Feldman began to advance towards his friend. “I felt that Marshall was being threatened,” he said

As he moved to intervene, Germaniuk said he tripped in the narrow space, which was strewn with custodial supplies.

“In the ensuing domino effect, as it were, [Justin] ended up going through the window and I was hanging onto his legs,” he said.

Germaniuk said he realized it had been a “horrible, horrible misunderstanding and mistake” when he thought Feldman was in danger of dying.

Both students were treated for glass cuts, after which they met separately with Assistant Dean Keith Moon to discuss what had transpired.

Germaniuk said administrators will meet about the incident.

He said that although Feldman initially thought he had been pushed through the window on purpose, he and Germaniuk have since reconciled their antagonism.

“I just want this to be over as quickly as possible so we can all go back to the business of learning,” he said.

Feldman did not respond to repeated requests for comment.