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By Luis Zuniga

This article (Opinion, “Partisan Pandering Harms Academia,” Oct. 19) profoundly misrepresents the reality in Cuban academia. To be admitted at a university, Cuban students must be members of the political organizations of the government. Students are required to participate in rallies and events in support of the Cuban regime. No need to say that only those showing political adherence to Fidel Castro and his postulates are allowed to graduate. Any student that deviates from political “faithfulness” to the regime is expelled. I was.

When the issue is not just graduation from a university but, traveling abroad to participate in events, political requirements become even more strict. It is a fact that only those proven and totally “trustworthy” to the regime are allowed to attend events abroad.

All of the above means that in Cuba rules a discriminatory system of participation based on political submission to the regime and its postulates. Any academician with a different political opinion (unthinkable an opposing one) is banned from participation in any event.

Interpreting that Cuban academicians are “independent” and represent a variety of points of view is a total mistake and sends a wrong message to the Cuban people that discrimination in Cuba is welcome at Harvard.


October 20

The writer is the Executive Director of the Cuban Liberty Council.

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