House : Cabot Concentration : Biological Anthropology Hometown : Miami, FL., where the heat is on... Ideal date : A

House: Cabot                                         Concentration: Biological Anthropology               Hometown: Miami, FL., where the heat is on...       Ideal date: A nice dinner, then going to a museum or an amusement park.       

Your sexiest physical trait: My waist to hip ratio (0.7)…no, just kidding, my eyes.

Best way for a guy to get your attention: Do that sexy wink and smile combo.

Where to find you on a Saturday night: On the shuttle to or from the quad.

First thing you notice about a guy? His teeth, smile, humor and skin condition – in that order.

Your best pickup line: Hiiii.... (batting eyelashes repeatedly).                                               The most memorable pickup line a guy has ever used on you: "You look just like that girl from Martin, but with a normal sized head."

Best or worst lie you’ve ever told: “No really, you do look amazing in that dress, [insert friend’s name here].”

Favorite thing about Harvard: The Seneca.           Most important thing you’ve learned at Harvard so far: Control the work, don’t let the work control you. Sketchiest moment at Harvard: A homeless guy offered me 5 dollars on Halloween (I think he thought I was dressed as a prostitute).                                           One thing you must do before graduation: Primal scream.

Describe yourself in three words:  Crazy, sexy, cool…or maybe just crazy.