The polo season will be officially opened today. With all the excitement and color incidental to a polo event of first-grade importance, the Intercollegiate Championship tournament will be begun on the turf of the Westchester Biltmore Country Club, in Rye, when a Harvard team meets Princeton at 3 o'clock this afternoon.

The opening of the season will not be restricted to a single event. A double-header has been arranged, so that at the conclusion of the Harvard-Princeton engagement, the West Point four will face the riders of the Pennsylvania Military College. Of the five teams entered in this year's championship, only the Yale team will remain on the side-lines, not swinging into action until Wednesday.

Harvard a Strong Favorite

The Harvard team will, undoubtedly, be a strong favorite in this year's tournament, inasmuch as three of the four men who will ride for the Crimson today were on the team that won the Intercollegiate title last year. A last minute switch prevented Harvard from putting its entire championship team in the field. All are veteran campaigners however, thoroughly seasoned for competition of the keenest sort.

On the other hand, the Princeton team that will face Harvard has in its line-up one star of considerable brilliance. Clothier who has played remarkable polo in and around Philadelphia. It is not impossible that Clothier may inspire the Orange and Black to victory over the defending champions.

The official line-ups for the first match follow: HARVARD  PRINCETON R. B. Burnett 1  1 H. L. Crawford Alexander Shaw 2  2 W. L. Colkes R. A. Pinkerton 3  3 I. H. Clothier 3rd F. D. Stranahan Jr. back  back H. R. Erdman

The second match, that between the military riders, may prove a surprise, for West Point, while it invariably sends some of the best horsemen of all to the Intercollegiate Tournament, has yet to win its first title. Furthermore, the representatives of the Army had a disheartening experience early in the season, an accident that resulted in the death of one of the members of the team Hamilton S. Hawkins Jr. How the Pointers have pulled themselves together remains to be seen.

Penn Military Brilliant

The Pennsylvania players, on the other hand, have a brilliant reputation to live up to. They have been going like wild-fire, beating Yale and the crack team of the University of Arizona, visiting in this section as the polo champions of the Southwest. They may shock some of the more staid members of the polo-playing community.

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