Fenway Seduces Yankee Faithful

My conscience pinches me again at Fenway. Last time, I made the decision to wear a t-shirt emblazoned with the Yankee logo underneath my collared shirt. A silent, semi-courteous protest.

This time I did no such thing.

But before everyone who knows me jumps on my back: The Stadium, for what it’s worth, is still my favorite ballpark, and possibly my favorite piece of architecture in the world. The Yankees remain my team, no doubt, and when I watch television, I curse every Red Sock I see.

But when I saw Northeastern catcher Dan Milano slam a reality-defying home run right into Fenway’s Coke Bottle today—almost 30 feet above the Monster—my jaw drops and I wonder why Yankee Stadium can’t have some crazy feature like that.

I genuinely agree that there’s something special about this place.


Unable to finish this very column in the cushy press box, complete with windows my fellow writers wouldn’t let me open, I ambled down to the field after the eventual Harvard victory and sought out maybe the only other person who might know how to resolve my moral dilemma.

Junior Frank Herrmann, a Rutherford, N.J. native, came in to pitch the ninth inning of the game to prepare for the Ivy series against Brown this weekend.

Herrmann stood on the field and induced the final out as The Standells’ “Dirty Water” played over the loudspeakers, just as it does after every Boston win.

But Herrmann, you see—like myself—is an ardent, outspoken Yankee fan.

So how does he resolve the conflict?

“The Yankees have won so many big games on this field, that’s why it’s special for me to be here,” Herrmann said, grinning widely. “I’ve seen some sad faces here before, so it was actually good for a Yankee fan to come here and beat a Boston team, like [the Yankees] do, year in and year out.”

Moral crisis averted.

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