May 20:

11:38 p.m.—Harvard University Police Department (HUPD) officers discovered three people in the process of spray painting a building at 1105 Mass. Ave. Cambridge Police Department (CPD) officers were called to the scene and one of the perpetrators was placed under arrest.

May 21:

11:18 a.m.—A report of loud music led officers to Canaday Hall. Officers spoke to the fourth-floor occupants of its B entryway and asked them to lower the volume of their music.

May 22:

9:45 a.m.—An officer reported to Hollis Hall in response to an alleged e-mail account fraud, in which an individual had sent out e-mails without the consent of the owner. The officer filed a report of the identity fraud.

7:41 p.m.—Officers were dispatched to Claverly Hall to note the theft of a Hewlett-Packard laptop and a blue nylon backpack. The combined cost of the stolen items was $1,530.

9:56 p.m.—An officer was dispatched to Mill Street because of an alleged “simple” assault that had just occurred in front of Quincy Gate. The victim alleges that he or she was touched in the area of the chin, following a dispute concerning parking. A report was filed.

May 23:

2:33 a.m.—Officers reported to the Kennedy School following a report of two individuals attempting to gain access to the building through a window. Upon locating the night prowlers, the officers searched for wants and warrants. Finding none outstanding, they issued the two perpetrators a no-trespass warning and sent them away.

9:30 p.m.—Officers were sent to two locations—Holyoke Center and Cronkhite Graduate Center—to investigate reports of vandalism. Spray paint had been discovered on the walls of both buildings.

8:36 p.m.—A report alleging that an unauthorized group was using classrooms led police to Mallinckrodt Laboratory on 12 Oxford St. The responding officers found the late-night trespassers and sent them away.

May 24:

12:55 a.m.—A card reader at Wigglesworth Hall was found to be non-functional after someone had poured honey into the reader.

May 25:

12:16 a.m.—Officers were sent to D entryway of Wigglesworth to track down the source of a smell of smoke—reportedly smoke from marijuana. The officers’ search proved unsuccessful.