Sept. 16:

2:22 a.m.—Reports of an outdoor fight in the area of Mt. Auburn and Dunster Streets sent Harvard University Police Department (HUPD) officers to the scene. Cambridge Police Department (CPD) officers reached the scene as well and put an end to the scuffle.

2:35 a.m.—An officer discovered two individuals swimming in the Charles River two hours past midnight near the Weeks Footbridge on 1 Memorial Dr. The early-morning swimmers were removed—clothed or unclothed, police reports did not mention.

7:19 a.m.—An officer was dispatched to Holyoke Center in response to a hypodermic needle, which reportedly had been left unattended in the bathroom. All bathrooms were searched to no avail.

Sept. 17:

3:18 p.m.—Officers were sent to the Science Center because of a complaint regarding 10 people donning bathing suits, taking pictures, and making “lewd” gestures. Police arrived and put a halt to the lascivious behavior

7:27 p.m.—An HUPD officer came to the aid of an individual who was having a seizure near the kiosk at 1400 Mass. Ave.

Sept. 18:

2:24 a.m.—An officer was sent to Adams House Dining Hall on account of $20 that was stolen from an unsecured and unattended purse.

11:19 a.m.—Police investigated a theft in Currier House that occurred as a result of an unlocked room. The items stolen included $300 in cash and a backpack worth $70 containing four books and a black work apron.

11:34 p.m.—An officer reported to Eliot House entryway G, room 33, to investigate a group reportedly tossing toilet paper, yelling, and attempting to enter the building. The police located the rowdy crowd and shut down what was otherwise a boisterous party.

Sept. 19:

2:38 a.m.—Officers were dispatched to Lowell House entryway L in response to two individuals allegedly conversing loudly and smashing bottles. Police arrived to check out the ruckus but found no such individuals.

8:06 a.m.—An officer observed a cement pillar that was destroyed by a construction boom lift at 202 Longwood Ave. at the Harvard Medical School campus. The officer reported no injuries.

Sept. 20:

6:07 a.m.—A report of a theft in Lowell House sent an HUPD officer to investigate $520 in checks and $2,000 in cash that had both been swiped from a desk drawer.

Sept. 21:

12:37 a.m.—Police responded to Au Bon Pain on 1360 Mass Ave. because of reports concerning an individual who had been yelling in the vicinity. CPD officers arrived and reported that the individual had fled.

8:58 p.m.—Loiterers in the area of the Quad Library were sent away by HUPD officers.

Sept. 22:

9:02 p.m.—An officer was sent to investigate a package laid suspiciously outside of Widener Gate. The officer determined that the package was not threatening at all, and in fact was simply a bag of clothing. The officer reported that “all is in order.”