The Faces of Fall Arts

In the minds of prospective students and their college counselors across the country, there is one certain conclusion about Harvard: it’s not much fun.

But America has it wrong and the truth has never been clearer than it is this fall. Welcome to The Fall Arts Preview, where you, dear reader, can overdose on the astonishingly broad range of artistic options that can be seen at Harvard this fall.

You can read about the spectacular production of “The Rocky Horror Show” at the Loeb Ex (and learn why you should leave the toast at home). Find out where to hear wunderkind Nick McDonell ’06 chat about his new best-seller. Check out which documentary is the hidden treasure at the LGBT film festival. Or get the buzz on the Degas exhibit, the hottest thing to hit the Sackler since…ever.

So flip through these pages and get ready to board this magical mystery tour through the cornucopia of art on campus. And when your friends back home ask you what Harvard nerds actually do, you can explain that on any given weekend, pregaming can involve a Wynton Marsalis show, a British porn farce, or Al Franken yelling at Rush Limbaugh.