Dec. 17:

2:40 a.m.—Officers were dispatched to Adams House E entryway to respond to a report of a group of individuals making an arch in the entryway using balloons. The officers arrived and spoke with the individuals in question and advised them to leave the archway alone.

3:54 a.m.—An officer was dispatched to University Health Services in response to a report of an individual causing a disturbance. The officers arrived and reported that the individual was being cooperative and would be spending the night.

Dec. 19:

11:09 a.m.—An officer observed an individual in Harvard Square, known to the HUPD, who had previously received a warning for trespassing. The officer lost sight of the individual and checked the area with negative results.

Dec. 23:

4:00 p.m.—An officer was dispatched to the Botanic Gardens to take a report of suspicious activity. The officer reported that an individual received a harassing phone call from a delivery person who had made a delivery earlier in the day.

Dec. 24:

7:45 p.m.—An officer was dispatched to the Palace Road Lot to a report of a suspicious individual in the area who was dropping off trash in the lot. The officer arrived and determined that the individual had gone.

Dec. 28:

8:34 p.m.—An officer was dispatched to the Peabody Terrace Visitor’s Parking Lot to take a report of damage done to a motor vehicle by another motor vehicle that left the scene. The first vehicle had a damaged rear quarter panel and taillight. There was no description of the second vehicle or any suspicious individuals in the area.

Dec. 30:

8:18 p.m.—Officers conducted a field interview with a suspicious individual who was inside the Science Center. The officers checked the individual for wants and warrants with positive results. Patrick Langley, 34, was then placed under arrest.

Dec. 31:

4:22 p.m.—Officers helped the Cambridge Police Department (CPD) in stopping a vehicle that was driving erratically on Mt. Auburn St. The officers stopped the vehicle and the CPD arrested the driver for operating under the influence.

11:24 p.m.—Officers were dispatched to Peabody Terrace in response to a report of an unwanted guest who wouldn’t leave the area after a party. The officers report that the party was shutting down and the individual left the area.

Jan. 2:

7:26 p.m.—Officers helped Boston Police Department manage a group of individuals throwing snowballs near Vanderbilt Hall.

Jan. 3:

5:35 p.m.—An officer was dispatched in response to a report of an individual yelling and kicking the bike rack of the Malkin Athletic Center. The officer arrived and reported that there was no such individual in the area and that all was in order.

Jan. 6:

8:23 p.m.—An officer detected a strong odor from a Class D substance coming from a room in 10 DeWolfe St. Officers located the individuals and criminal complaints will be sought.