Screen Shots: "Lost," Season 2 DVD

With the advent of the third season of “Lost,” we are able to embark on a new chapter of excitement, mystery, and confusion with our plane-crash survivors, as the newly captive Jack, Kate, and Sawyer struggle to free themselves from the Others and their creepy leader Ben (a.k.a. Henry Gale a.k.a. that freaky serial killer from “The Practice”). However, before we move forward, let us take a moment to remember the past…the places that are now destroyed (i.e. Locke’s Hatch), the people that have departed one way or another (i.e. Michael, Libby, and Ana Lucia), and those moments of revelation that we will never get back (i.e. “Her name’s Alex?! That’s Rousseau’s daughter!”).

The second season of “Lost” was a televised ode to innocence; Let us celebrate that via DVD. Even though I despised every moment of your screen-time…Michelle Rodriguez, this one’s for you…


Desmond says “brother” to someone who is not actually his brother.

You kinda-sorta-maybe feel an ounce of sympathy for Sawyer.

An unexpected connection from the outside world is revealed (i.e. Libby in Hurley’s mental hospital).

People in the Hatch play one of the Hanso tapes. (If you’re ambitious and have a beyond-belief tolerance, take a shot each time the tape cuts out.)

The oh-so-beautiful yet oh-so-expendable Shannon dies.

You think you might see Walt lurking in the woods.

Sun looks confusedly at the English speakers, even though she speaks perfect English.

Jack screams at the Others, even though they aren’t really there.

That blinding white light shows up in the finale. (Take another shot when it fades away. Then…pass out for a while.)

The cries of baby Aaron go unnoticed.

Henry Gale stares at the camera creepily. (Then clean your urine off the floor.)

Someone watching with you says: “What the [insert polite expletive here] just happened!”