Names Emerge As Election Nears

Tickets take form, but candidates remain mum on political ambitions

While most potential Undergraduate Council (UC) presidential and vice- presidential candidates have remained tight-lipped about their election ambitions, several tickets have recently become open secrets within the UC and beyond.

According to a UC member who has spoken to candidates about their intentions, there are at least three tickets made up of UC members very likely to run in the presidential election, which will be held in December.

It is also likely that other candidates and tickets, from within and outside of the UC, will develop before declarations of intent are due. Last year’s deadline for candidate declarations was Nov. 20.

One member has already announced his candidacy, another has shown interest, and a former Council member has said that she is considering a run.

Student Affairs Committee (SAC) Chair Ryan A. Petersen ’08 has chosen UC representative Matthew L. Sundquist ’09 as his vice presidential running mate, according to the source. Petersen would not confirm yesterday that he was running, saying he was focused on projects related to his position as SAC chair.

“Over the next few weeks I’m going to think about whether I’d like to take on further responsibilities and whether that will be best for the UC and for the campus,” Petersen said.

The source also identified Tom D. Hadfield ’08 and Adam Goldenberg ’08 as a ticket for president and vice president. Both are active Crimson editors on the editorial board, and Hadfield took second place in last year’s UC election on a ticket with presidential candidate Magnus Grimeland ’07.

Finance Committee chair Lori M. Adelman ’08 will likely also be running for president, according to the source, who did not know the identity of her running mate.

One active council member who has been very clear about his plans is Matthew R. Greenfield ’08. He said that he will not run for president or vice president of the UC. Like Petersen and Adelman, Greenfield has been on the UC since his freshman year and has served as a vice chair of SAC—the committee that has traditionally served as a training ground for future UC presidents—since February.

“My plans for the UC are not to change my involvement that much,” Greenfield said. Rather, Greenfield said he preferred to pursue advocacy projects though SAC than deal with the “restrictions incumbent in the president’s job.”

In addition to the three tickets named by the source, UC Representative Edward Y. Lee ’08 confirmed that he will participate in December’s election, though he would not name his running mate or the position he will seek.

UC member Ali A. Zaidi ’08 also said that he was “really excited about December.”

“I look forward to putting my few ideas out there,” Zaidi said, without specifying if he will run.

Former Campus Life Committee chair and current College Events Board representative Sopen B. Shah ’08 said that she is also considering a run and will make her determination in the next few days.

“I’m keeping my options open,” she said.

Joshua G. Allen ’09, head of the UC Election Commission, the body that administers the presidential and general elections, said that this year’s deadline for candidacy declarations has not yet been set but that it would closely follow last year’s timetable.

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