Petersen Fined By Commission

Presidential hopeful Ryan A. Petersen ’08 and running mate Matthew L. Sundquist ’09 were docked an additional 45 points early this morning for campaign violations, bringing their total to 305 points.

Each UC presidential campaign is allotted $400 to spend on his campaign, but if the combined number of violation points docked and dollars spent tops 400, candidates are required to return the amount exceeded to the UC Election Commission in the form of campaign materials, such as posters and flyers.

Petersen’s campaign has spent $126.69 thus far, according to his campaign’s filings with the Election Commission.

According to an e-mail to the UC open list sent by Election Commission Chair Joshua G. Allen ’09 early this morning, “The Petersen/Sundquist campaign has surpassed its violation-adjusted campaign spending limit by $31.68. The campaign has been directed to hand in campaign materials of at least that value by 1:45 PM today.”

Any ticket that racks up 400 points in violations is disqualified from the race, according to UC election regulations.

Petersen could not be reached early this morning.

Yesterday, Petersen said his campaign had planned for this year’s stricter Election Commission rules.

“We knew there were stricter Election Commission rules this year, so we intentionally spent very little,” Petersen wrote in an e-mail. “Instead, we are focusing on costless grassroots effort: I find that students respond better to personal contact than doordrops and posters.”

Allen said that another presidential ticket, led by Tom D. Hadfield ’08 and running mate Adam Goldenberg ’08, who are both Crimson editors, has expressed concern to the Election Commission that the Petersen-Sundquist campaign has understated its expenses.

But Allen said yesterday that there was “no evidence at this time” of any suspect spending.

As of early this morning, the Hadfield-Goldenberg campaign has been charged with 25 violation points, although it has spent over $300, the most of any campaign.

The UC Election Commission has charged the campaign of Ali A. Zaidi ’08 and running mate Edward Y. Lee ’08 with 185 violation points for infractions in the first few days of the election. The Zaidi-Lee ticket has spent $195 so far.

Zaidi said that his ticket never expected to spend more than $200, “recognizing that every $100 spent is $100 that student groups don’t get.”

Amadi P. Anene ’08 and running mate Kyle A. De Beausset ’08-’09, who is a Crimson editor, were listed as having 140 violation points.

Anene said that his campaign had lost points because Allen did not receive the personnel list his campaign had sent.

Anene could recover up to 35 points for the receipt of his staff list.

Anene’s campaign has spent just under $260. But, said the presidential candidate, “We are committed to getting our message out there, and I don’t think we need to spend a lot of money to do that, so I’m not worried.”

Brian S. Gillis ’07-’08 and his running mate, Morgan C. Wimberley ’08, have been charged with 35 infractions and have registered $60 worth of expenses.

The ticket for Tim R. Hwang ’08 and running mate Alex S. Wong ’08 has not yet been docked for any violations. They have spent $250 on red jumpsuits for the campaign staff and $10 for matching posters.