Lauren E. Schwartze ’09’s Music


Erin E. Miles

1) Ashley Parker Angel—“Picture Perfect”

“I stole this from my brother after watching [Angel’s] new reality TV show for all of intersession,” says Schwartze. The former O-Town teeny-bopper lust bucket’s new MTV show, There And Back, chronicles his struggles to recover from having spent all of his boy-band earnings.

2) Tim McGraw—“Let Me Love You”

Lauren’s Explanation: “I’m from Missouri [eds. note - McGraw is from Louisiana]. Also I made my 7th grade science teacher call me Faith Hill because I was obsessed with him.

3) Shakira—“Underneath Your Clothes”

“Oh my god I’m so embarassed,” says Schwartze. “But Gloria Estefan co-wrote that.” No she did not.

4) Annie The Musical—“It’s the Hard-Knock Life”

“I appeared in Annie as a youngster. The musical, not the movie.”

5) AZN—“Asian Pride”

Schwartze, a Catholic caucasian, explains that “I live with two Asians. Also I belong to the AACF (Asian American Christian Fellowship).”

6) “Blues Clues Theme Song”

“Look at me! I’m cowering!” says a huddled-in-a-corner Schwartze as she tries to hide from the harsh glare of journalistic inquiry.