Police Log

Rude Awakening?

Monday, September 4, 12:30 a.m.: Officers were dispatched to Grays Hall East to a report of an individual sleeping in the area. The officers arrived and spoke to the individual and a field interview was conducted. The individual was run for wants/warrants with negative results and sent on his/her way with a Trespass Warning for all of Harvard University Property.

Drug Bust

Monday, September 4, 5:56 p.m.: HUPD Officers observed two individuals acting suspiciously near the Malkin Athletic Center. As the officers were approaching the two individuals, the officers observed one of the individuals lighting a pipe. The officers spoke to the two individuals and, after a field interview, one of the individuals turned over a pipe containing Marijuana, a Class D drug. The officer then asked the two if they were in possession of any more and one of the individuals pulled out a clear bag containing marijuana. While conducting warrant checks, one of the officers observed a mirror case behind the two individuals. The officer asked what was inside the case, to which one of the individuals replied “heroin.” The officer then opened the case and observed a clear bag containing heroin, a Class A drug. Michael Daley, 23, of Revere, MA, and Cara Marolda, 17, of Hopkinton, MA, were then placed under arrest. Daley was charged with possession of heroin and Marolda with possession of marijuana.

Shady Business

Wednesday, September 6, 7:34 p.m.: Officers observed an individual acting suspiciously near the Malkin Athletic Center. The officers spoke to the individual and he was run for wants/warrants with positive results. John Schwope, 27, of Concord, MA, was then placed under arrest.

Indecent Exposure

Friday, September 8, 10:03 a.m.: An HUPD officer assisted Cambridge Police Department (CPD) with a motor vehicle stop on Memorial Drive and JFK Street. The vehicle was reportedly a suspect in an indecent exposure incident. CPD was on scene and took over after stop.

Never Too Old

Saturday, September 9, 7:31 a.m.: An officer stopped an individual believed to have a warrant and conducted a field interview. Bruce Stuart, 59, of Cambridge, MA, was arrested for possession of a Class D drug.