CRIMSON LIVE: Harvard vs. Cornell

In a matchup of second-place teams, the Crimson holds off the Big Red

3rd/20:00: Cornell gets the puck into the Harvard zone, but it drifts harmlessly into the corner. And that's it! It's certainly going to be a disappointing ride to Hanover for the Big Red. The Crimson breaks the tie for second place and moves to 4-1 on the season.

3rd/19:54: Alex Biega fires a shot towards the empty net, but Doug Krantz sweeps in at the last second. Here comes a faceoff in the neutral zone.

3rd/19:30: Cornell is possessing the puck, but the Big Red can't get any shots off as Harvard pushes them up against the endboards. MacDonald clears the zone.

3rd/18:52: With a faceoff deep in the Harvard zone, Cornell calls a timeout.

3rd/18:40: And he's off! Scrivens heads to the bench for an extra attacker.

3rd/18:00: Pelle takes a shot that bounces off Taylor, who fires from the slot but misses. That might be the last save Scrivens makes, as he's looking to get off the ice for an extra attacker.

3rd/16:34: Pelle fires from the left faceoff circle with five seconds remaining on the power play, but Scrivens is there to stop it.

3rd/16:04: Huxley launches another shot from the blue lines that Scrivens deflects, then gloves out of mid-air.

3rd/15:30: Huxley launches a shot from the blue line that Scrivens saves, and Taylor can't put away the bouncing puck.

3rd/14:39: Cornell certainly isn't helping itself. Riley Nash gets whistled for slashing, giving the Crimson a man-advantage opportunity.

3rd/13:50: Taylor sends a pass from the Cornell endboards to Pelle in the crease, but Pelle can't slam it home as a Big Red defender trips him up.

3rd/13:34: Back at even strength, Richter makes a save and covers up, but the action doesn't stop, as the teams go at it in front of the net.

3rd/12:00: Alex Meintel breaks in on the Cornell goal for a shorthanded opportunity, but his backhand from the right side flies high.

3rd/11:15: Rookie Michael Del Mauro makes a bad pass in the Cornell zone that almost leads to a breakaway for Patrick Kennedy. Harvard gets back on defense, but Alex Biega gets called for tripping, putting the Big Red on the power play.

3rd/7:30: GOAL! Matt McCollem gets in Scrivens' way, trying to stab at the puck. It squirts away, but with Scrivens distracted, McCafferty slams it past him into the back of the net. Harvard 2, Cornell 1.

3rd/5:01: Richter has a scary moment of his own, but he finds the puck and dives on it.

3rd/4:48: Christian fires a shot. Scrivens makes an initial save but loses it. Nick Coskren is there but can't finish as a Big Red defender gets in his face.

3rd/2:30: McCafferty fires a shot from the right faceoff circle, and Rogers tries to clean up, but he can't beat Scrivens. Just moments later, Taylor skates the puck past several defenders but can't finish. Harvard gets several chances on loose pucks, but no one can get a solid shot on net. Cornell is on its heels.

3rd/0:30: The Cornell band and crowd are coordinated to an amazing degree, with the fans carrying on even when the drop of the puck forces the band to stop playing. Harvard fans counter with a weak "hotel management" chant, which only leads to the Big Red faifthful yelling "grade inflation." Then there's "safety school," "we can't hear you," and so on. Ah, hockey fans.

INTERMISSION: Where is Edzo? The beloved Zamboni driver hasn't graced Bright Hockey Center with his presence yet this season, and the new guy still seems to be learning how to drive in a straight line. According to Harvard hockey Sports Information Director Casey Hart, Edzo is out with an injury.

2nd/20:00: Something's on Jimmy Fraser's mind. He is talking animatedly to the head referee as the teams skate off the ice.

2nd/19:59: Fittingly, the period comes to a close with Richter making a stick save on Big Red captain Topher Scott. Harvard deflects the ensuing faceoff out of harm's way.

2nd/19:00: The Cornell forecheck is certainly finishing its hits, as both Jack Christian and Chris Huxley take blows along the Harvard boards.

2nd/17:50: Colin Greening keeps giving Kyle Richter a hard time, jumping on loose pucks around the net. But nothing can beat Richter right now, as he swipes away a bouncing puck with his stick.

2nd/15:09: Joe Scali launches a high shot from the left boards, but Richter flashes his mitt and picks the puck out of the air. What could this man do with chopsticks?!?

2nd/14:30: Chad Morin and Evan Barlow scuffle around the puck and keep jawing at each other after the whistle. Let's see if something develops there.

2nd/13:49: Opportunities are few on the ice, but entertainment is still to be found. Talking to Harvard fans with letters painted on their bodies, the Cornell band yells, "Put your shirts on!"

2nd/10:01: Cornell's Blake Gallagher delivers a hit to Alex Biega after the whistle, but he gets away with just a warning.

2nd/9:30: The crowd goes insane -- both sides! Chants of "Let's go, Harvard!" and "Let's go, Red!" fill the arena.

2nd/9:15: Michael Kennedy rings one off the left post as Richter check to see if he's been beaten. Cornell's starting to pick up steam.

2nd/7:40: Big Red winger Colin Greenings launches a shot that Richter saves with his pad and looks to stuff the rebound past the sprawled goaltender, but Richter makes an amazing pad stop.

2nd/6:16: Chad Morin launches a shot from the blue line that goaltender Ben Scrivens barely handles, dropping it before covering it up.

2nd/5:47: Jimmy Fraser shows that he still has a knack for picking up penalties at the wrong time, prematurely ending Harvard's power play with an obstruction-interference penalty.

2nd/5:10: Harvard is possessing the puck well, with the Big Red unable to clear the zone.

2nd/4:23: Alex Biega knocks over a defender in the Harvard zone, and the ref raises his hand. But, it's actually Cornell's Patrick Kennedy who's off to the box for holding the stick. The Crimson is back on the power play.

2nd/3:15: Harvard is pressuring the Big Red zone. A Cornell defender blocks a shot with his body, then slides the puck with his hand between his legs and out of the zone.

2nd/1:55: Richter snags a puck right out of the air. Early in the season, the sophomore is developing a knack for glove-work.

2nd/1:27: Neither team is really taking advantage of the open ice as the teams skate four on four. Scott and Christian leave the box.

Intermission: Who doesn't love Bon Jovi? But it's sad when all Harvard can offer in response to the Big Red band is a song over the PA system. Let's just get back to the action on the ice.

1st/20:00: The refs blow the final whistle with the puck deep in the Cornell zone. While the score may be tied at 1, the Crimson isn't letting the Big Red -- or its legion of fans -- bully it in its own building.

1st/19:22: Harvard and Cornell both have one in the box, leaving a four-on-four showdown on the ice.

1st/16:15: The student section is filling up, but the Cornell crowd still dominates the Bright. On the other hand, Harvard seems to be more dominant on the ice.

1st/12:46: Harvard attacks the Cornell goal on the power play, but lands the shot on top of the goal instead of in it.

1st/8:23: GOAL! Cornell scores on the power play with Morin in the box, tying up the game. The Big Red crowd and band are filling Bright while Harvard struggles to scrounge up any fans with everyone heading down to New Haven for The Game. Harvard 1, Cornell 1.

1st/7:00: Sorry for the delay, folks -- technical difficulties. We are now live at Bright Hockey Center, where Harvard leads 1-0 after Jon Pelle put away a rebound at 3:25.

--Staff writers Karan Lodha and Courtney D. Skinner are live on the scene at Bright Hockey Center.