Editorial Board Should Not Favor UC’s Alcohol

To the editors:

RE: “Our Finest Hour,” editorial, Nov. 8.

Far from criticizing the UC, as today’s Crimson editorial did, the Editorial Board should consider whether it—as well as the UC—already has fallen into irrelevance by its ridiculous cheerleading to allow college financing to subsidize underage drinking on campus. To learn, however, that beer, wine, and liquor compose the bulk of expenses for UC-funded parties was startling. It makes me glad as a parent of a Harvard sophomore that the College sought to cut off the booze spigot from term-bill funding. But why expend so many inches in print to criticize the UC for being weak-kneed simply to be able to continue to spend funds from term bills lavishly on beer, wine, and liquor? Surely there are more important issues to address. It makes me wonder whether there is too much imbibing at Crimson staff meetings.


Highland Park, NJ

November 8, 2007