Harvard Band Willingly Attends Women’s Games

To the editors:

I am writing in response to Loren Amor’s “Women’s Hockey Deserves Its Props” (sports, Feb. 12). I am the current manager of the Harvard University Band and would like to offer an explanation as to why we always attend the Women’s Beanpot and the women’s home games. It is not because we “pretty much [have] to be there” as the article suggests, but because we honestly love being there. The Band receives no money for transportation to any of the Beanpot games (or football games for that matter) and while we travel in style on the T, it is far from free. We took the hour plus ride to BC these last two weeks because we firmly believe that our women deserve our support just as much as the men. The Band is in no way obligated to play for either team, but continues to do so because we love Harvard athletics with or without a Y chromosome. Obviously, we wholeheartedly agree with Amor that the trip to any women’s game is well worth the effort and I sincerely hope to see a large crowd for the women’s home games against Yale and Brown this weekend. Go Crimson!


February 13, 2007

Cambridge, Mass.

The writer is manager of the Harvard University Band.