Kirshners Step Down as Quincy House Masters

No replacements named; couple's plans have not been announced

Professor of Astronomy Robert P. Kirshner '70 and his wife Jayne Loader announced Wednesday that they have resigned as co-masters of Quincy House, according to an e-mail sent to House residents by Dean of the College Benedict H. Gross '71.

The Kirshners were on sabbatical during the 2006-07 school year. Their decision to step down is effective immediately, and no replacement masters or further plans were described in the e-mail. They took over as House Masters in 2001.

“We loved living in Quincy House and working with Harvard’s lively undergraduates,” Kirshner said, according to the e-mail. “But a year’s sabbatical at UC Santa Barbara reminded us of the simple pleasures of private life and the joy that comes from concentrating on our scientific and creative careers. In consultation with incoming FAS Dean Michael Smith, we decided that this was the best path for us.”

Gross also issued a statement on the Kirshners' time as house masters in the e-mail.

“Kirshner & Loader were good House Masters, emphasizing ‘serious fun’ that combined Harvard’s world of ideas with the informal setting of House events," Gross' statement read. "They also introduced a number of student activities into the House calendar, including Stein Club, The Collective, Field Day, and Bob’s favorite, a sophomore outing to Fenway Park. Jayne was especially good at making the mid-century architecture of Quincy House a rich setting for student life by resuscitating the Quincy Grille, and leading the remodeling of the Dining Hall & Servery, JCR, SCR, House Gym, and the terrific Masters’ Residence.”

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