CRIMSON LIVE: Men's Hoops at Princeton

After falling last night at Penn, Harvard travels to Princeton's Jadwin Gymnasium

Penn and Princeton weekend started out with a tough loss last night at Penn, 73-69.

Follow live with the Crimson as Harvard tries to win at Princeton's Jadwin Gymnasium for the first time since 1989. 


:00 - Princeton dribbles out the clock, foregoing an open layup to keep the final 68-54. Way too many three pointers for Princeton. In the first half, it was all Koncz (who finished with 24), in the second, it was all Lincoln Gunn. While this may have been Harvard's best chance in years to sweep the Penn/Princeton weekend, they'll have to settle for 2 more losses, and fall to 1-3 in the Ivy League.

:15 - The final Harvard possession sums it up. Lin misses a three, offensive rebound to Harvard's T.J. Carey, who gives it back to Lin. Lin looks to McGeary, but the ball hits his head and goes out of bounds.

:34 - The onslaught continues. Kevin Steuerer makes a breakaway layin that goes in, despite being called goaltending. Then, Lincoln Gunn makes 2 more free throws to put Princeton up 68-54.

:59 - McGeary makes just 1 of 3 as Harvard's free throw shooting woes continue. Lin fouls Princeton's Gunn who makes 1 of 2 on the other end. It's 64-54, Princeton.

1:02 - Two free throws by Princeton's Marcus Schroeder puts the Tigers up 10 with just over a minute to go. On the other end, McGeary pumps and is fouled "shooting" the three pointer. He'll get three free throws after the timeout.

1:20 - Another three by Lincoln Gunn puts Princeton up big. Lin tries to respond on the other end, but misses a three of his own. Ball back to Princeton, leading 61-53.

2:00 - Lin is fouled on the drive, and makes 1 of 2 free throws. Awful free throw shooting down the stretch for the Crimson. It's 58-53, Princeton.

2:57 - Oh, the wonders of television and ESPNU. Koncz's three-pointer was just reviewed, and indeed confirmed to be a three.

2:57 - A right handed scoop shot by Princeton's Marcus Schroeder puts the Tigers up 6. Lin takes a shot on the other end, misses, hustles for the board but can't get it. Princeton ball, timeout Harvard, trailing 58-52.

3:37 - Koncz is back, hitting a three with the help of a Lincoln Gunn screen. Lin counters on the other end with a 2, but Harvard's down now 56-52.

4:37 - Princeton's Kyle Koncz fouls Jeremy Lin on the drive to pick up his 4th personal. Lin makes 1 of two free throws. It's 53-50, Tigers.

4:48 - A four-point swing there. Lin drives and make the runner, but is called for the charge and the basket is waved off. On the other end, none other than Lincoln Gunn gets open underneath and nails an easy lay-in. Timeout Harvard, now trailing by 4, 53-49.

5:19 - Lincoln Gunn with yet another three. The Crimson has held Kyle Koncz in check this half, but it's been at the expense of Gunn. Princeton goes ahead, 51-49.

6:10 - Just as I speak, Lin scores 4 straight. First, a running jumper in the lane, then a nice reverse layup as he gets fouled. But, he can't convert the free throw, and that's Harvard's third straight miss from the line. But, Harvard now leads 49-48.

7:17 - Harris misses the first free throw. Harvard's only got 12 points so far this half, but somehow they are still within just 3.

7:56 - Lin blocks Briggs when he tries for the layup this time, then Princeton fouls Harris on the other end for the Tigers' 9th foul. That means Harvard will shoot 2 free throws for every foul from here on out. Media timeout, and Harris will shoot 1 and 1 after the break.

8:29 - Unger converts an easy layin down low from a nice lob pass from Lin, then Princeton's Jason Briggs makes a nice backdoor  cut and score to answer. 48-45, Princeton.

9:40 - Andrew Pusar drives in the lane and finds Kyle Fitzgerald underneath. He's fouled, and it's Princeton's 7th, which puts Harvard in the bonus and they'll shoot every foul the rest of the way. He sinks 1 of 2 to make it 46-43 Tigers.

11:19 - Lincoln Gunn of the Tigers nails the three again, and Princeton's opening up the game. On the other end, Unger went up for the shot and missed, then was called for a foul on the attempted rebound. Media timeout, with Princeton leading 46-42.

12:13 - A Lin running jumper is followed by more points from Princeton's Steurer, who hits a three. It's 43-42 Princeton.

13:16 - Princeton's Kevin Steurer's got 4 straight points after recovering a loose ball and scoring, then driving and making a layup while getting fouled. He couldn't covert the free throw though. Unger nailed a three for the Crimson in between though.

15:22 - Good hustle play by Jeremy Lin. After missing the 18 foot jumper, he fought for his own rebound. He couldn't get it, but after Princeton recovered, Lin forced the Tiger out of bounds. Back to the Crimson.

15:39 - First media timeout of the second half. Dinc is ready to check in and will see his first second half action as a member of the Crimson. A Princeton turnover before the timeout will make it Harvard ball out of the break.

15:57 - Another three by the Tigers! This time it's Lincoln Gunn (sounds like a shooter's name). Then, Harvard's Fitzgerald travels on the other end and is replaced by Evan Harris, who played a mere 3 minutes in the first half and didn't attempt a shot.

18:00 - The teams have traded baskets. First the Tigers' Zach Finley cleaned up the glass on a missed three pointer by Princeton, then Brad Unger made an easy layin on the other end to put Harvard up 37-33.

19:30 - Great ball movement by the Crimson to start the half leads to an easy layin by Fitzgerald from Andrew Pusar to put the Crimson up 35-31.

HALFTIME STATS: Princeton's Kyle Koncz hit 5 threes en route to a game-high 21 points. For Harvard, McGeary leads the way with 8, folowed by an efficient Lin with 7 points, 5 rebounds, and 3 assists. Carey and Housman have each added 5. Harvard is perfect from the charity stripe at 8-for-8. Princeton has hit 6-of-15 threes (the other by Marcus Schroeder), while the Crimson has sunk 5-of-10 from deep.

:00 - Halftime at Princeton. Harvard has the final possession. Housman drove but got stopped at the free throw line. First, he looked for the shot, then for the pass, then spun and tried to fadeaway and shoot it. The ball spun around and rattled out as time expired.

:20 - Surprise, surprise. Another three pointer, this time from Princeton, and again it's Koncz to pull the Tigers within 2 at 33-31.

:35.4 - Tons of three pointers again in this fast-paced shootout. Koncz nails one to put the Tigers on top, 28-27. But, Harvard responds with 2 of their own. First, it's Lin, followed by McGeary to put Harvard on top 33-28.

2:30 - The run will stop at 10-0 as the Tigers find Koncz wide open underneath for the layin to make it 27-25.

3:34 - T.J. Carey recovers the loose ball after Lin almost lost it. He fakes a short jumper from the baseline, loses his defender, and goes up and under to extend the Crimson's lead to 4 and make it a 10-0 run.

5:00 - McGeary fakes a three from the corner, drives, hesitates, looks for someone to pass it to, but decides to bank it in off the glass. Then Harvard's Lin is fouled again on the drive and converts the two bonus free throws. That's 8 straight points for the Crimson to put them up 25-23.

6:51 - Another Princeton foul sends Fitzgerald to the line, who converts both, and Harvard is back within 2 at 23-21.

7:26 - The teams have been trading threes. First it was Princeton's Koncz, followed by Harvard's McGeary, who was trying hard to make the three. The Tigers' Marcus Schroder answered again with another trey, though, making it 23-17 Princeton into the next media timeout. A foul by Princeton on Lin into the timeout puts Harvard in the bonus already. Lin makes two free throws to make it 23-19.

While the band is right behind the Crimson reporters, there is still no sign of the Daily Princetonian writers. But, Princeton's got some kicking dancers who are about 2 feet from kicking me right in the head. I'm not kidding.

8:52 - Dinc misses a three badly, but draws a bit of backboard, despite the chants of "Airball" from the Princeton band behind me.

9:41 - A Kyle Koncz 3 puts the Tigers up 3. Housman is fouled on the other end on the drive. He hits 2 free throws to make it 15-14 Tigers. Juniro transfer Cem Dinc enters the game, after playing 38 seconds last night in his Harvard debut.

10:50 - Harvard's Millers commits a silly foul sending the Tigers' Kyle Koncz to the free throw line for three. He converts two, to tie it at 12.

11:37 - Quick Princeton bucket out of the timeout brings the Tigers within 2. Another media timeout follows Dan McGeary getting tripped on the other end. It'll be Crimson ball in a minute.

12:18 - Off the Tiger turnover, Housman drains a three right in front of the Princeton bench to make it 12-8. For Harvard's sake, he needs to get off early. After a poor night last night in which he only had 3 points, a bounceback could be in order. Princeton calls a timeout to stop the Crimson run.

12:43 - A Brad Unger layin puts the Crimson up, then Kyle Fitzgerald takes a big charge on a hard drive by Princeton's Zach Finley.

13:54 - A change from the first 4 minutes, both teams have scored 4, and its 8-7 Princeton. Fitzgerald just put home a nice up and under post move for the score.

15:56 - First media timeout. Harvard's Lin drives into the lane and is called for the charge. Both teams are having trouble scoring, as Princeton's defense is, as usual, stifling Crimson attempts. Harvard's been fortunate that Princeton's missed a few layups and settled for three-pointers on the other end. Still 4-3 Tigers. Housman and McGeary check in for the Crimson for Lin and Pusar.

16:25 - A three pointer by the Tigers' Kyle Koncz has Princeton up now, but the teams have gone a few possessions since without scoring. It's 4-3 Tigers.

17:47 - Stifling Tiger defense keeps Harvard on the outside, T.J. Carey catches a swing around pass and nails a 3 to put Harvard on top early, 3-1.

19:31 - An early foul on Jeremy Lin sends the Tigers to the line. Kevin Steuerer makes 1 of 2 for the first points of the game. Princeton 1, Harvard 0.


6:01 P.M. - Lineups are introduced. It's Unger, Carey, Pusar, Lin, and freshman Kyle Fitzgerald getting his second career start.

5:43 P.M. - They've got the band strategically located right behind our seats on press row. I think they planned it this way...
14 minutes on the shootaround clock, then we'll get the starting lineups, the national anthem and the tip a little after 6:00. Stay tuned.

5:36 P.M. - Both teams just introduced onto the court, arena is empty, but ESPNU cameras are here to film the game. No cable? Follow it live with us.

—Kevin Reyes