Obama’s Commitment To Change Is Misguided

To the editors:

Re: “Obama For Democratic Nominee,” editorial, Jan.17.

Barack Obama brings with him a message of intense change, a message for which many Americans are deeply searching right now; yet he fails to recognize (or at least fully acknowledge) the many good things that have come of the leaders that came before the current president, leaders that did not lead on mere promises of change but on a commitment to following the Constitution and the principles upon which it was created. He criticizes the old simply because it is old, the established simply because it is established.

I see Barack Obama as the candidate promising change, but the only change I see in him is what is on the outside, something over which he has no control. He does not realize that commitment to change and commitment to the public good are not synonymous and that, most importantly, only the latter will ever do a president (and his country) any good. I will not be voting for Barack Obama in 2008, even if that means voting for a Republican with many, many more years of political liabilities. Scars, wrinkles, and reputations are not a sign of weakness.


Las Cruces, N.M.

January 31, 2008