The One and Only Housing Quiz: Does the Decision Match Your Destiny?

1) Which of the following appears after your last name in your e-mail signature? 1. IV 2. III 3. Jr.

1) Which of the following appears after your last name in your e-mail signature?

1. IV
2. III
3. Jr.
4. '11

2) On a Friday night, you’re most likely found:

1. En route to the country for some R&R
2. At Club Passim listening to local folk guitarists
3. Under the heading “noise disturbance” on the HUPD blotter
4. In the lab about to make your breakthrough

3) You secretly fantasize about hooking up:

1. Before lunch is served at the Hasty Pudding Club
2. In full costume at the American Repertory Theatre
3. On the 50-yard line of the football field
4. In the Science Center Observatory

4) In your free time, you usually like to:

1. Go for a sail on the Cape
2. Paint, dance, or sing
3. Play sports, win Beirut tournaments
4. Take long walks through Cambridge Common

5) You’ve just finished your last final and need to unwind. You grab:

1. A martini and a copy of “The Vault Guide to Finance Interviews”
2. A glass of merlot and a James Joyce novel
3. A can of beer and this month’s “Sports Illustrated”
4. Your orgo book, some spare chemicals, and just start mixing...

6) Which best describes your ideal romantic date?

1. A picnic lunch on the Charles, catered by Sandrine’s
2. A tour of the Museum of Fine Arts and then a production of Shakespeare’s “Twelfth Night”
3. Happy hour at Tommy Doyle’s followed by a party at the Delphic
4. Why go out?!

Get your results below by adding up the points from your answers:

6-10: Congratulations Maxwell! You have just become the fourth generation of your family to live in Eliot, Kirkland, or Winthrop.

11-15: You probably missed Housing Day for rehearsal, but that’s pretty standard for residents of Adams, Quincy, and Lowell.

16-20: Don’t worry: Leverett, Dunster, and Mather are still pretty close to the MAC.

21-24: Better start memorizing that shuttle schedule, nerd! You’ve been exiled to life in the Quad.