CRIMSON LIVE BLOG: Men's Hoops vs. Brown


Harvard made it close, getting within 61-55, but Brown out-shot the Crimson the whole night. Harris had a big night, and McGeary made some timely threes, but they could never seriously make a run after Brown's early first half lead. Bring on the Bulldogs in tomorrow night's season finale.

[:00] Bench clears for Harvard, all the subs come onto the court for the final possesion. Ndu Okereke airballs a three pointer, right to Harvard's Doug Miller who scores.

[1:22] After a Brown miss, Jeremy Lin grabs the board and dribbles coast-to-coast. He finds Kyle Fitzgerald on his left, who scores and gets fouled, and hits the free throw to convert the three-point play. [Brown 74, Harvard 60]

[1:59] After committing a foul on the other end and getting a lecture from the ref, Harris gets a lob pass in the post and goes up strong and gets fouled. He misses both free throws, though. [Brown 74, Harvard 57]

[2:50] Out of the media timeout, Brown's Mark MacDonald takes the inbounds pass and scores in the paint as the shot clock expires. Another poor finish for the Crimson. [Brown 72, Harvard 57]

[4:01] As I speak, Housman drives down the lane and converts the layin, his first shot attempt of the game, if I'm not mistaken. Two Brown free throws keeps it a 13-point ballgame though. [Brown 70, Harvard 57]


[4:45] Since the six-point game, Brown's got 7 unanswered. Harvard's getting it stripped left and right, and can't score from anywhere now. [Brown 68, Harvard 55]

New blogger Kevin Reyes to close this one out, as Mauricio's got technical difficulties.

[7:19] Have I ever mentioned how baller Jeremy Lin is? He swoops the offensive board off of a Brown player, stumbles to the ground but recovers and hits the floater. [Brown 64, Harvard 55]

[8:14] #22 for Brown has the most awkward FT release I have ever seen. He shoots it underhanded, with ONE hand. Surprisingly, he makes his FT attempt, but it's still the ugliest shot ever witnessed by these veteran eyes. [Brown 61, Harvard 53]

[9:06] Two successive possessions lead to a quick five points for the visitors as the lead balloons back up to seven. Pusar, fouled going up for a mid-range jumper, makes both FTs. [Brown 58, Harvard 53]

[10:23] It hadn't happened in a while, but Brown finally makes another cutting lay-up to bring the lead back up to four. Harvard, refusing to go away, drives right back down and cuts the lead in half again after the Evan Harris lay-in. [Brown 53, Harvard 51]

[11:40] Harris shooting two from the line after a pretty rough foul as he was going up for the put back. He makes both FTs the cut the lead in half. [Brown 51, Harvard 49]

[11:58] Hilarity ensues after the Brown miss. McGeary grabs the loose ball but falls to the ground near the out-of-bounds line. The ref simultaneously falls with him but still keeps his eye on the action before Amaker steps over the ref to call a timeout. Intense refereeing action tonight folks. 

[12:24] Someone gets the sprinklers out, McGeary is ON FIRE right now. ANOTHER three by him as he cuts the lead down to four. [Brown 51, Harvard 47]

[12:54] Blankenau misses the three, but Housman tips it back out to Lin. Lin DRIVES, GETS FOULED, but makes an INCREDIBLE lay-in. The crowd roards but Lin misses the FT. [Brown 51, Harvard 44]

[13:44] McGeary POPS an open three after a beautiful set-up by Jeremy Lin. Lin head-faked the heck out of his defender, drives into the paint and has three Brown defenders collapse on him. He wisely kicks it out to McGeary and the bearded Dan drains the three. [Brown 51, Harvard 42]

[14:21] Timeout, Harvard. Back from the break, Brown with possession....gets nothing going on offense as the three point attempt backfires. On offense, Jeremy Lin smoothly dishes it off to Dinc down low for the two pointer. [Brown 49, Harvard 39]

[17:15] Brown can't miss from downtown. Scott Friske gets in the act as he makes another wide open three. Harris responds on the other end with a tough conversion down low. [Brown 47, Harvard 37]

[18:03] Harris EMPHATICALLY rejects Brown's McAndrew. McAndrew goes to the floor and the blocked ball bounces off his stomach and out of bounds. McGeary feeds Pusar on the other end for the basket. [Brown 44, Harvard 35]

[19:15] Harvard opens up with a full-court press, which proves to be successful as the stifling defense stops Brown in its tracks. On offense, a Jeremy Lin miss turns into an Evan Harris put back. Once again though, the Crimson is killed by an easy shot....this time Brown's Sullivan drains an open three. [Brown 42, Harvard 33]


- Brown has three players already in double digits: Damon Huffman (10), Peter Sullivan (10), and Mark McAndrew (11).
- Surprisingly, Harvard has out-rebounded the Bears 12-9.....but they've given up double the points Brown has off of turnovers.
- Harvard's bench is pitching a shutout over Brown at the moment, posting a 10-0 advantage. Blankenau (6 pts), Dinc (2), and Fitzgerald (2) have all seen increased minutes. 
- The Crimson's leading scorers are Evan Harris and Andrew Pusar (Each has eight points).
- Brown is shooting lights out from the floor (63%), including (55%) from three point range. Harvard hasn't been shooting it badly (54% and 40% respectively), but they've just given up too many easy baskets down low.

[:00] The half ends quietly as Brown makes a basket to push the lead out to eight. Halftime stats coming up. [Brown 39, Harvard 31]

[1:03] Amaker is looking a genius right now. He brings in Alek Blankenau to break Brown's 1-3-1 zone (Blankenau is strictly a shooter, so against this defense he should see a lot of open shots) and Blankenau immediately responds by draining two back-to-back threes. [Brown 37, Harvard 31]

[2:19] Cem Dinc feeds Harris in the post as Harvard cuts the lead back down to eight. [Brown 33, Harvard 25]

[3:11] Good moves by Harris on the inside for the basket. He backs his defender down and spins to his left for two. A turnover by Brown leads to a quick basket in transition for Harvard. [Brown 31, Harvard 23]

[5:18] Once again, Harvard displays its revolving doors-esque defense as Damon Huffman cuts into the post and gets another easy bucket. [Brown 31, Harvard 19]

[5:54] Fitzgerald has a nice drive but feebly goes up with his left and clunks it off the rim. 

[6:30] Uh-oh, Brown is starting to hit everything on the floor. Damon Huffman hits the trifecta for Brown, but Pusar answers right back with a three of his own. Media timeout. [Brown 29, Harvard 19]

[7:14] Freshman Kyle Fitzgerald gets his first minutes of the night and quickly makes his first basket. Harvard still down by a lot as they continue to give up baskets on the inside. [Brown 26, Harvard 16]

[8:30] Brown's Sullivan once again has his way on the inside. He goes up on not one, not two, but three defenders, gets fouled (No call though) and still makes the basket down low. [Brown 23, Harvard 12]

[10:22] A long three trickles into the hoop for Brown as they extend their lead to ten. Back on offense, Pusar wisely hesitates on his way up and gets the foul but can't convert the (seemingly) easy lay-up. He makes one of two FTs. [Brown 21, Harvard 12]

[11:23] Timeout, Harvard. Cem Dinc is looking pretty lively tonight. He's seen an increase in playing time over the past few weeks and Amaker has earlier stated that his play during practice has helped justify a larger role. Although he hasn't transferred over that practice play to live games before, it looks like he might have a break out performance tonight. [Brown 16, Harvard 11]

[12:33] Jeremy Lin just played a BEAUTIFUL ball in Cem Dinc for the lay up (Should have been a dunk). Another turnover for Brown (Third straight possession with a TO) gives Harvard a chance to tie the ball game.....but Pusar misses the wide open three. [Brown 14, Harvard 11]

[13:53] The Lin-meister drains a three to cut the lead to seven. A steal on the other end leads to an easy fast-break Pusar lay-up. The crowd awakes from its slumber. [Brown 14, Harvard 9]

[14:15] #5 for Brown, Scott Friske, is the latest Brown defender to slice open the Crimson's non-existent interior defense. He gets the pass at the top of the key and simply dribbles it down the lane for the uncontested lay-up. Really, Harvard? [Brown 14, Harvard 4]

[15:13] A little bit of life sputters out of maligned Crimson team. Harris converts the easy basket down low. Back down the other way, Brown slices through the Crimson's porous zone defense as Brown's Mark McAndrew weaves through seamlessly, gets the basket, and the foul. He drains the FT. [Brown 12, Harvard 4]

[15:38] Media timeout. It's only been five minutes but boy does Harvard look terrible out there. I don't know if its the constant media scrutiny of this past week or just simply the lack of motivation, but the Crimson have shown absolutely nothing out there. 

[16:10] Off the lay-up miss by Pusar, Brown roars back down the court and #25 Peter Sullivan drains a three. (This was after Lin took what seemed to be a charge). [Brown 9, Harvard 2]

[17:01] The visiting Bears have jumped out to a quick 6-2 lead off as their forwards are dominating the inside (Surprise, anyone?) The only basket for the Crimson came off a Harris bucket in the paint. [Brown 6, Harvard 2]

Coming at you once again from Lavietes, we're here live blogging the Harvard men's basketball team's last games of the season. Tonight they take on the Brown Bears (17-9, 9-3 Ivy), the 2nd best team in the conference.