March 17 is a day of utmost importance for the city of Boston. In fact it’s probably the most important day of the year for a majority of its residents. The day of which I speak is, of course, Evacuation Day.

Yes, March 17 marks the day in 1776 when George Washington and his Continental Army drove the British armed forces under General Howe out of Boston.

It is for this reason that our great city brims with glee every March 17, with merriments often carrying on into the wee hours of the night. I’m still not sure why these celebrations are centered around Irish pubs and green beer, but whatever.

Grab a shot glass and celebrate Washington’s victory with Martin Scorsese’s love letter to Boston, “The Departed.”


1. Whenever Jack Nicholson scares the shit out of you.

2. Whenever Leonardo DiCaprio cries like a girl.

3. Whenever you remember that no matter how badass Mark Wahlberg is, he still sang “Good Vibrations” with the rest of the funky bunch.

4. Anytime anyone in the movie has a drink.

5. Whenever “Shipping up to Boston” makes you put on other Dropkick Murphys songs.

6. Whenever you realize that other Dropkick Murphys songs aren’t that good.

7. Any time someone says fuck (unless you can handle a handle, you might want to split up the responsibilities on this one).

8. Whenever your roommate, who has seen the movie fifty times, closes his eyes right before someone gets killed.