College Gives Ellison A Title Upgrade

Assistant Dean of the College John L. Ellison was promoted yesterday to Associate Dean of the College. The one-time police officer will remain Secretary of the Administrative Board.

According to an e-mail sent to University Hall by Dean of the College Evelynn M. Hammonds, Ellison’s responsibilities under his new designation will remain the same as they are at present. The promotion is largely a recognition of his commitment to the College and the size of his workload, Hammonds said.

Ellison’s purview remains planning for and managing student emergency issues, including 24-hour crisis response and the oversight and direction of University emergency resources.

He will stay in his post as secretary of the Ad Board—the College’s disciplinary body—overseeing the Board’s work and managing its practices.

The former resident dean of Lowell House is also a lecturer in the department of near eastern languages and civilizations.

Prior to his Harvard career—which has involved earning three advanced degrees at the University—Ellison served as an Emergency Medical Technician for a year and a police officer for four years in Gwinnett County, Georgia.

Ellison could not be reached for comment.

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