Food Literacy: Go Vegetarian

To the editors:

I would like to thank Dean Dingman for continuing to increase food literacy among Harvard students—particularly when it comes to vegetarian cuisine. A recent survey by Aramark, a leading food service provider, concluded that nearly a quarter of college students are actively seeking vegan options when they sit down to eat, for reasons ranging from their own health to environmental concerns to of course cruelty to animals. As such, it’s more important than ever for HUDS to meet this growing demand for creative and cruelty-free meals.

As students become more educated about the routine suffering animals face when raised and killed for food, it’s understandable why they are seeking meatless alternatives in droves. For example, chickens on factory farms have their beaks sliced off with hot blades, and many are even scalded alive in feather removal tanks. If these kinds of abuses were inflicted upon cats or dogs, it would result in felony cruelty to animals charges.

Thankfully, there’s never been a better time to expand the vegetarian and vegan options on campus, with food distributors now regularly carrying delicious products like veggie barbecue “riblets” and vegan pizza.


Cambridge, Mass.

Jan. 14, 2009

Ryan Huling is a College Campaign Coordinator for Peta2.

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