Spotted: Crimson Girl

NYU may be the new breeding ground for Blair, Dan, and Vanessa’s drama, but crimson is so the new purple ...

NYU may be the new breeding ground for Blair, Dan, and Vanessa’s drama, but crimson is so the new purple for Gossip Girl.

Yes, Upper East Yarders, we’re talking about Crimson Girl, your one and only source into the (semi) scandalous lives of Harvard’s elite.

Though Canaday seems more likely to take inspiration from Prison Break than Gossip Girl, the secluded yard-within-the-Yard served as the unlikely birthplace for this new campus phenomenon.

“It started with just me and my friends in our entryway. If something funny happened or something really ironic happened, I would just text it to everyone,” says Crimson Girl, who has chosen to keep her (or his) true identity anonymous. “It didn’t even start as Crimson Girl. It started as me just saying, ‘Oh my gosh, guess what happened.’”

But soon enough, the escapades of the “Upper C Side”, the group otherwise known as Canaday Cs, spread like, well, gossip. “It’s been growing exponentially,” says Crimson Girl, whose readership has grown to about seventy-five students and whose scope now includes the whole freshman class.

“My friend from home gets it,” says Corley E. Stone ’13, one of Crimson Girl’s avid followers.

Due to popular demand, Crimson Girl has even hit the World Wide Web with a new Twitter account, though the three followers currently places Crimson Girl at Lonely Boy status.

So how does Canaday’s knockoff compare to the original Gossip Girl?

“The humor stems from the reality that there is no secrecy as to who Crimson Girl is or the people in the texts,” says Eliza L. Malkin ’13. “It merely makes Sunday brunch gossip get going a little quicker.”

However, although “Clumsy Girl”, “Down Under Boy”, and “Messy Hot Mess” don’t exactly live up to the Waldorfs and Van der Woodsens, Harvard and NYC do have their similarities.

“There’s a lot of inflated egos that need to be, not taken down a notch, but, you know, check yourself before you wreck yourself,” warns Crimson Girl.

Most agree, however, that unless you’re one of Crimson Girl’s BFFs or frenemies, you’re pretty safe for now.