Crimson Arts Exec Lists

The Crimson Arts Executives Rank Whatever They Want, From Bunnies to Viral Videos

At the end of the year, we all tend to look back. At Crimson Arts production night, we look back a lot. And then we make lists. Some pretty random ones. We hope you enjoy what we've come up with.

Jeffrey W. Feldman: Top Five Bruce Springsteen Moments of 2010

Ryan J. Meehan: Five Unambiguous Signs of the Death of Culture in 2010

Susie Y. Kim: Top Five Albums Everyone Is Embarrassed to Admit They Once Loved

Antonia M.R. Peacocke: The Ten Worst (Best?) Puns of Arts 2010


Rachel A. Burns: Top Five Fictional Rabbits

Chris R. Kingston: Five Harvard Locations and Their Hogwarts Equivalents

Ali R. Leskowitz: The Top Five Most Terrifying Things from Unconventional Sources

Erika P. Pierson: Top Five Hipsters in Cambridge

Denise J. Xu: Top Five Children's Books Series

Whitney A. Adair and Melissa C. Wong: The Most Annoying Viral Distractions of 2010

Sara Joe Wolansky: Top Five Rejected Cover Ideas For This Arts Issue

Alyssa A. Botelho: Top Five Commonly Mispronounced Classical Composers

Brian A. Feldman: Top Five 'Bring It On' Films (Based Solely on Their Wikipedia Synopses)

Adam T. Horn: 2010 in 10 Kanye Quotes