Kirkland Sophomore Injured in Accident

A Harvard undergraduate was hit by a moving truck near the intersection of Mt. Auburn Street and Dunster Street yesterday at approximately 4:30 p.m.

The victim, a sophomore resident of Kirkland House, was walking across Mt. Auburn Street toward Finale Desserterie and Bakery, when a silver Ford F-250 traveling along Dunster Street made a quick left turn onto Mt. Auburn Street and collided into the walking student, according to Elizabeth Tang ’11, who witnessed the incident.

The driver of the truck did not stop before making the turn, and a car was parked near the intersection, against the curb in front of Finale, according to Tang.

Tang, who said she saw that the victim was bleeding from the back of her head, called the police immediately. The victim remained conscious the entire time and even called her blockmates to let them know of the incident, according to Tang.

An ambulance arrived, and paramedics placed the victim onto a stretcher, according to Tang, who said she does not know where the individual was taken.


The victim was brought to a family friend’s house later in the day, according to her roommate.

She’s a very serious, very keen student who is very much appreciated and valued in Kirkland House,” said Tom Conley, Master of Kirkland House. He confirmed that the victim is still able to walk after the accident.

“We’re very worried about this,” Conley added, noting that Kirkland is located near several one-way streets, which might endanger pedestrians.

Tang said she later e-mailed the victim, who told Tang that she would “be okay” in 10 days.

“I hope she feels better really soon,” Tang said.

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—Naveen N. Srivatsa contributed to the reporting of this article.


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