SPORTS BRIEF: Women's Water Polo Game Cancelled

Last night at Blodgett Pool, months of anticipation were set to culminate in a fiery match between bitter rivals as the Harvard women’s water polo team faced Brown for the first time this season.

But the anticipation ended in disappointment and frustration when the match was unexpectedly cancelled.

“It was postponed because one of the referees wasn’t here,” junior goalkeeper Laurel McCarthy explained. “It’s really frustrating for everyone. We’ve been really excited about this game for the entire season, and in these past two weeks it’s all we’ve been preparing for.”

The Crimson’s intense preparation for this game ties into an intense rivalry dating back to the 70s. Losing by one goal at the hands of the Bears three times last year has further fueled Harvard’s drive to defeat Brown.

“Both teams consider the other their most mortal rival,” head coach Erik Farrar said. “It’s an old long-standing rivalry—it’s like Harvard and Yale with football.”


But the importance of the game extends beyond the rivalry.

“This is huge for both the conference, qualifying for the championship, and for seeding, over and above the fact that Brown is in our pool and we’re going to try to stick it to them in a big way,” Farrar said of the game.

Unfortunately, the Crimson must now wait until next week, once the game has been rescheduled, for their chance to take down the Bears.


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