HLS Prof Elizabeth Warren a Top Contender to Head Consumer Agency

“I think that’s what you want—somebody who’s constantly looking for facts,” Greiner said. “She’s an empirical investigator, trying to base decisions [on facts]. That’s what you want in a government official—that fact-driven, investigative mind.”

A New York Times editorial stated that bank lobbyists are saying that Warren would “overreact” in protecting consumers from abusive loans, but that her academic work shows that Warren understands the “power of credit to do good.”

“The banks don’t oppose Ms. Warren because she doesn’t get it,” the editorial stated. “They oppose her because she does.”

But the new agency has received a slew of criticism for its organization under the Federal Reserve. Those opposed to the legislation are dubious of its efficacy, arguing that the Federal Reserve does not protect consumers in the first place.

Moreover, Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner said that he does not endorse Warren to run the agency due to her criticism of the Obama administration’s handling of Troubled Asset Relief Program.


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