Misrepresenting Palestinian Politics

In his article, “A Nail in the Coffin of Liberal Zionism,” Mr. Shams depicts Israel in a distorted light failing to mention or condemn the incessant Palestinian rocket and mortar attacks, and suicide bombers that kill and maim innocent Israel men, women and children.

Palestinian citizens of Israel have the right to vote with full equality under the law and enjoy far more rights and freedoms than in any Arab country. There are Muslims in the Knesset and Arabic is also one of the official languages of Israel. Palestinian women enjoy more rights in Israel than other Muslim women do in their own homelands. For example women in Saudi Arabia are not allowed to drive or even leave the house without a male escort. The Israeli government provides its Arab citizens with food, medical benefits, jobs and the freedom of worship.

Hamas, the party that makes up a leading proportion of the Palestinian government refuses to recognize Israel’s right to exist and openly denies the Holocaust. Palestinian children are indoctrinated into anti-Jewish hatred in their schools. From Camp David in 2000, the Clinton parameters in 2001, to the 2008 offer of Palestinian statehood with a division of Jerusalem by Israel’s Prime Minster Olmert, Palestinian leaders have continuously rejected statehood because it would mean acknowledging the existence of Israel. These facts Mr. Shams turns a blind eye to, making his article both a sham and a shame.

Catherine Goode ’10-’12